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We, the Class of 1978, dedicate our yearbook to a man who has been with us for nine years. Mov- 
ing from Deer Hill School to CHS at the same time we did, he has served as friend and Gym teacher 
since fourth grade. His patience and understanding have enabled many of us to enjoy Gym and to 
benefit from his advice. We dedicate our yearbook to you, 



"Something isn't always very much but more 
often than not, something's more than noth- 
ing." — R.M. likes: Jimmy, weekends, saving 
things, Emily and Julie, keeping busy, James 
Taylor, #88, my family, Woodstock and Ziggy, 
Cohasset, the Farrens, remembering, my 
friends, dislikes: Chewie and Chana, seeing 
friends go, having such a flexible mood, the wait 
after we lose a football game, shopping with 
Mary, usually seen with: friends, noted for: 
minding everyone else's business but my own, 
remembers most: 8/23/76, my uncle Bill, "The 
War," Sandy and Pamina, the retreat, Helen, 
certain nights, at Sandy Cove, wants to forget 
most: Junior High antics, flunking ISCS, Nick's 
double features, hurting friends, Jimmy's 
shaved head, certain nights at Sandy Cove, 
favorite hangout: the Beach, 40 Stockbridge St., 
activities: Student Council 1 - 4, Student Advi- 
sory Board 3, Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Field Hockey 
Manager, Class Vice President 2, Class Rep. 1, 
3, 4, Student Council Treasurer 4 


"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it, if you 
dream it, you can become it" likes: my family 
my flute, plants, "roses not weeds," singing, 
music, Espanol, all my teachers, stuffed 
H.C.G.S. animals, ballet, skiing, Barry Manilow, 
movies, M.O.K.W., my grandparents, Brenda, 
math, science, long weekends, my friends, J. S., 
symphonies, some rainy days, snow, K.N. kids, 
improvising my own solo, blue, Holly Hobbie, 
Big H., beach, swimming, certain people in the 
flute section, playing in concerts, dislikes: 
fights, good byes, being tired, cleaning my 
room, yucky, bugs, marching in the rain, Kirby, 
noted for: my smile, olviendo los accentos orti- 
graficos, favorite expression: "Ciao", ambition: 
to be bilingual, secret desire: to become a guest 
soloist with the B.S.C., remembers most: a 
night as Juanita, my three years with H.J., cho- 
rus with CD., 10/6/77, a tease here and insults 
the rest of the time, treasured possession: my 
flute, activities: Marching and Concert Band: 1 - 
4, Jazz Rock 3, 4, Chorus 1 , 3, 4, Pit Band 2 - 4, 
Basketball 1, 2, Softball 1, Future Nurses: 2 - 4 



"Life is a daring adventure or nothing." likes: 
my family, having the car, the ocean, football, 
Saturday nights, getting rowdy, skiing, triple 
treats, dislikes: being late, being taped, car 
accidents, Dubs, studies, usually seen with: 
friends, secret desire: to fly for the Blue Angels, 
remembers most: Ground Round, short trip to 
New Hampshire, Red Sox game, Middleboro 
'76, "someone," wants to forget most: 1/20/ 
77, 7/5/77, cause of death: falling from the 
water tower, activities: Football 1 - 4 (capt.), 
Hockey 1 , 2, Track 3, 4, Baseball 1 , 2 



"The best way I know to defeat an enemy is to 
make him a friend." — Lincoln, likes: updated 
music, living in a small town, seasons, skiing, 
having few responsibilities in the summer, Elvis 
movies, COZ, getting homework done early, 
skateboards, Sunday football games, Fernwood 
Tonight, dislikes: the expenses of skiing, AM car 
radios, cold summer days and warm winter 
days, infrequent scoops, vagueness, usually 
seen with: sneakers on, ambition: to fulfill my 
ambition, remembers most: going for late night 
swims and coming out more than just 
refreshed, 6th game of World Series '75, wants 
to forget most: working in Hull, and another way 
I spent my summer of '77, 7th game of World 
Series '75, cause of death: too many B's, worst 
horror show: watching someone back into the 
newly repaired car 


"Happy are those who dream dreams and are 
ready to pay the price to make them come 
true." likes: summer, lobster, tennis. Field 
Hockey, Canada, Alternative School, Cohasset, 
the Beatles, long bike rides, the outdoors, 
dreaming, travelling, getting letters, spending 
money. Frosty, remember whens, dislikes: 
being late, waiting, winter, soaps, talking on the 
telephone, being nagged, "the Beach" noted 
for: laughing, remembers most: Tennis '76 '77, 
mixed doubles, 9th grade, summer '77, ISCS 
LLL, losing the keys, the black cat, crushing two 
male egos 1 1/76, wants to forget most: 5/19/ 
77, car accident, ladders, a boat on wheels, a 
disappointment 9/77, cause of death: Mike's 
driving, treasured possession: my tennis racket, 
activities: Field Hockey 1, 2, 4, Softball 1, Ten- 
nis 3, 4, Camp Wing 1 , Varsity Club 2, 3 


"Bo", "John" 

"What God takes away from us is not important, 
it's what we do with what is left that is impor- 
tant." likes: fall and winter, hunting, fishing, my 
family, Saturdays, good parties, the Beach, 
going out, lobstering, the ocean, back packing 
trips, "The Tango," Chinking, dislikes: hot 
days, snobs, sea food, crowded areas, casts, 
not having money, being ordered, know-it-alls, 
usually seen with: friends, ambition: to gradu- 
ate from either Mass. Maritime or Maine mari- 
time, secret desire: unlimited credit at L.L. 
Beans, remembers most: Lake Shasta, Tahoe, 
California, Newfoundland, 7/26/77 Rl, my 
grandmother's, Canada, H.C. '76, favorite 
hangout: anywhere, cause of death: Scott's 
driving, worst horror show: South Shore Hospi- 
tal, treasured possession: my elbow 

"Huggy", "Bjork", "Porka" 

"Once a king always a king, but once a knight is 
enough.'' likes: dreaming, girls, vans, Reeses, 
Chey's, going on trips, woodworking, blizzards, 
solar energy, arguing, the kid, keeping |unk and 
my taped penny, dislikes: Hondas, Fords, 
Spooners, riding the "T," snobs, being wrong, 
not being able to afford it, girls who think they 
know something, writing letters, favorite 
expression: "I'm out of here ", remembers 
most: living on Schofield, W.H., P.P., Mr. Di , 
wants to forget most: summer of '75, Hagerty's, 
sleeping on the wrong side of the road, Texas 
cops, cause of death: too much work, favorite 
hangout: Leo's Exxon 


"God grant me the serenity to accept the things 
I cannot change, the courage to change the 
things I can, and the wisdom to know the differ 
ence." likes: my family, Wmnie-the-Pooh, 
Levi's, Bass, Li'l Paul, Rocky, "Shannon," cool 
sunny days, sunsets, Nantasket Beach, "my" 
mustang, soaps, stuffed animals, *12, a town 
north of US, S&H, L.W., Boz Scaggs, weekends, 
parties, dislikes: Monday mornings, 5' 1 Vi", 20 
lbs. of me, cliques, a certain J.B , Pacers, usu 
ally seen with: Lauren, Laura, S. White, Barbara, 
and the rest of the gang, favorite expression: 
"You turkey," ambition: to get a |Ob, remem- 
bers most: a certain "crush," 3/12/77, 7/4/ 
76, Babson parties, 7 24 76, "Freckles," a 
certain escape, T.L., joke, 3:30, meeting J. Fay, 
and T.C., Cabots, the yellow hat, Dialajoke, 
walking to Scituate in the rain, Smitty, that 
night, wants to forget most: 4/1 1 /75, 3/13/77, 
Fox's party, 2/24/76, Prom of '77, a certain 
soccer game, three's a crowd, a certain kid from 
U.S.C., being grounded, cause of death: over- 
dose of TAB, pet peeve: spiders 


"A fish pitched up by the angry sea, I gasped on 
land, and I became me." — K. Vonnegut, Jr., 
likes: music, ecology, sports, color, bursts of 
energy, money, dislikes: leaders, being told 
what to do, wasting time, ambition: to become 
rich and famous, secret desire: to be a football 
hero, 20 years from now: a has been, activities: 
Band 1 - 4, All State Orch. 3, 4, Track 3 


likes: sailing, skiing, sunny days, weekends, 
money, dislikes: rain, snobby people, travelling, 
usually seen with: Peter, Paul, or anyone else 
around, secret desire: to sail around the world, 
remembers most: 4/0/77 with Jay, '77 with 
Mass. Ski Club, activities: Track 3 



"I love music." likes: music, bikes, favorite 
expression: S.S., leaving thoughts: "I change so 
much from day to day, it's hard to write any- 
thing significant of my stay in Cohasset, I hope I 
never stay the same." 


"All grown ups were once children, although 
few of them remember it." A.S.E. likes: John, 
velour, chocolate, sports, days off, summer, 
fast cars, Puerto Rico, rolls, FCB band, "hypno- 
tized," to drink, coke, sleeping late with nothing 
to do, "California'' — GD, cashews, being 
perked up, boots, "The Little Prince", Boston, 
being warmed up on a cold day, art, a good 
book, being lazy, independence, B, dislikes: 
meat, Wednesdays, worms, back problems, 
gum snappers, pushy people, immaturity, 
remembers most: John, Brian, R., July 4th '77, 
getting lost on 3A, firecracker night with B., 
Gatepost, fat day at the beach, powder puff and 
the high times, that Saturday night, moss, ren 
dez vous with Brian, a brick, the nubbs, tracks, 
a missing fuzzy, forgetting to come home, 
wants to forget most: IK's party, summer gossip 
lines, 2, 2 nights, BBC, certain younger days, 
certain phone calls, learning too late, ape sto- 
nes, the nail crew, speed trap, favorite hangout: 
any place in the desert where water can be 
found, cause of death: too many, too much, 
worst horror show: Hugo's parking lot with B., 2 
D's, IK's party, 2 for drink, Christmas Eve '76, 
W , activities: Field Hockey 1 4, Gymnastics 2 - 
4, Basketball 1, Softball 1, 2, Track 3, 4, Varsity 
Club 2, 3 (pres.). Powder puff 3, 4 (co capt ) 




"No one means all he says, and yet very few say 
all they mean, for words are slippery and 
thought is vicious." *Henry Brooks Adams, 
likes: my family, Donny, friends, pizza, basket- 
ball, laughing, football games, craziness with 
Jen, my stuffed animals, math, free lunches, 
dislikes: being moody, my hair, getting hurt, 
two-faced people, good-byes, usually seen with: 
friends, noted for: my bright yellow V.W., secret 
desire: to marry someone as cute as Mr. Sladen, 
remembers most: 7/19/76, SC. on the Boston 
common, long talks with Jen, slush fight, the 
chases, my big brother, parties at Sandy Cove, 
good times with D.S., wants to forget most: the 
after Prom '77, Fessler's party, the fat farm, 
treasured possession: my stuffed puppy, activi- 
ties: Field Hockey 1, 2, Basketball 1 - 4, softball 
1 - 4, Powder puff 4 


Likes: motorcycles, going crazy, building old 
trucks, usually seen with: Gina and people from 
Beechwood, noted for: mechanic, favorite 
expression: "Time to go to work.", ambition: 
motor head, secret desire: to go off a cliff with a 
glider mounted with a motorcycle, remembers 
most: meeting Gina, wants to forget most: mine 
and Oggy's motorcycle accidents, favorite 
hangout: Beechwood, cause of death: too 
much!, 20 years from now: married with two 
kids and a house in Beechwood, leaving 
thoughts: I will miss the High School but I will 
be glad to get out!, worst horror show: doing 60 
mph and fall out of the car, treasured posses- 
sion: my '65 Ford pickup and my girlfriend 

1 1 


"If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again." 
likes: New England, weather, driving, Satur- 
days, swimming, dislikes: homework, Monday 
mornings, hypocrites, being late, noted for: say- 
ing little, remembers most: summer '77, cause 
of death: old age, leaving thoughts: glad to be 



"All that is gold does not glitter, not all those 
who wander are lost, the old that is strong does 
not wither, deep roots are not reached by the 
frost" — J.R.R. Tolkien, likes: my friends, my 
family, E.L., sunshine, summer, partying, Cali- 
fornia, dancing, being content, Mr. Gilmartin, 
Uncle Donald, Mrs. Di., Tab, remembers when, 
smiles, dislikes: rain, colds, snobs, winter, lies, 
being "shined on", fight, being bored, broken 
fingernails, being depressed, usually seen with: 
E.L., Donna B., Lisa, Donna J., Mimi, Michelle, 
P., Anne, Modso, Gaylie, Peter, Richie, favorite 
expression: "I'm sure.", "I mean really.", 
secret desire: to be old enough, remembers 
most: the good times, California, 9/17 '77, my 
friends, Hugo's, Prom of '77, my cousins, Tony 
and Sean, summer of '77, Sandy, 12/17/76, 
Mum Goosey and her children, T&J in Bermuda, 
wants to forget most: 9/19/75, the day Marcy 
left, the Soaps, 7/4/77, 7/22/77, a certain 
party at Twaddle's, the corn field, worst horror 
show: 9/19/75 


"Stub", "P" 

"Finally the truth has been told: Now you tell me 
I'm crazy . . . that's nothing I didn't know . . . 
trying to survive." likes: sunshine, full moons, 
summer, my family. Lulu, my friends, ballet, 
Joanie, California, spring, Cohasset, the ocean, 
my cousins, being able to do the things I want to 
do, being crazed, animals, smiles, Christmas, 
children, TAB, partying, boneology, dislikes: 
people who don't understand, cold winter morn- 
ings, snakes, being confused, being nagged, 
people using other people, not remembering, 
accidents, good-byes, usually seen with: 
Doreen, Donna, Mimi, Arlene, Lisa, Peter, 
Maudso, Gayle, Michelle, Karyl, Richie, the 
Musketeers, secret desire: to be old enough for 
Georgie, remembers most: Donna's and Mimi's 
influence, California, Twads, all the good times, 
J, Sean and Tony, Mother Goose and her chil- 
dren's parties, my grandfather, the path, sneak- 
ing out, "Stairway to Heaven", 12/17/76, pink 
elephants, want to forget most: all my mistakes, 
the day Marcy left, getting egged, one crazed 
party, 9/19,75, Topanka canyon, "Hell", a cer- 
tain day in April '77, cause of death: being 
attacked in Hugo's kitchen 



"Many that live deserve death. And some that 
die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then 
do not be too eager to deal out death in judge- 
ment. For even the very wise cannot see all 
ends." — J.R.R. Tolkien, likes: winter, soaring, 
skiing, bumps, mountains, H-G, the retreive, 
small cars, bikes, "oversail", "mad" days, indi- 
viduals, looseness, dislikes: hassles, pressure, 
debts, early morning moss jobs, townies, 
grudges, papers, cliques, usually seen with: the 
D.A. class of '75, secret desire: to watch A.L fly 
99.9 miles and bail, remembers most: four 
years of seclusion, 5 towers, J.F., Woodland 
fever, 4 weeks in the Adirondacks, pool hop- 
ping, wants to forget most: F.R., Rosie, April 18, 
1971, the horror that stalks the North Wing 
halls, Sept. 6, 1976, the mouth of crow point, 
cause of death: trampled to death by a herd of 
ignoramii, 20 years from now: a sherpa and a 
chauffeur for a hangglider tycoon, activities: 
Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4 

"Three pence", "Rubber-pants" 

"Aurevoir, adios, aufwiedersehn" likes: 
McDonalds, travelling, USA especially, spring 
and summer, dislikes: hockey Brussel's 
sprouts, winter, usually seen with: favorite 
expression: "See ya later.", "bonjour", "Guten 
Tag", "Hola", ambition: to fly as pilot on pas- 
senger on the Concorde, secret desire: to one 
day meet the leaders of all or some of the pow- 
erful nations, remembers most: all the Metco 
students and the kids in my classes at CHS, 
favorite hangout: Boston's combat zone, 20 
years from Now: I'd like to be alive 


"Hey tomorrow, where are you goin' do you 
have some room for me?" likes: rainbows, sail- 
ing, the harbor, winter storms, my family, 
"talks," little kids, parties, driving, summer, my 
cat, spending money, sundaes, lobster, dislikes: 
fish, English papers, being late, too many plans, 
being bored. Barbie-doll feet, losing bets, 
remembers most: nights on my boat, the Vine- 
yard, the dress-up box, moving, sailing classes, 
learning to skateboard, Nancy on the hill, 
L.J.C.'s party, the continental shelf and the bar- 
ber bad knees, my "party", 8/20/77, R.B., 
wants to forget most: 1 particular night on my 
boat, 4/19/77, green 504, Shelanne's boat, 
C.S.C. '76, roller coaster ride, Mr. X., B.G.P., 
pet peeve: cheating/cheaters, 20 years from 
now: in Sak's 5th Ave. or Bloomingdales spend- 
ing $, leaving thoughts: "It wasn't so so bad 
after all!!!", activities: Softball Manager 2, 
Rousers 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Powder puff 



"The best way to keep friends is not to give 
them away." likes: long weekends, long nights 
that never end, chink food, quiet kids, making 
bucks. Big Macs, Fridays, parties, good rave, 
rock, jazz and different music, Rocky Beach, 
surfing, swimming, skiing, snowy days, sum- 
mer four seasons. Miller and Molsen goldens, 
Caboom and bones, having car, dislikes: high 
school, getting bagged, getting woken up, get- 
ting up early, Monday mornings, people who are 
too good for you and can't get along, certain 
Cohasset cops, not getting car, usually seen 
with: D.S., R.P., J. P., D.B., D.J.B., MeMe, J.L, 
D.B., noted for: aqua lungs, favorite expression: 
"What's upsky?", "Life goes on.", "Unbelieva- 
ble.", ambition: to live, learn, experience every- 
thing, remembers most: Europe, Denmark, and 
Florida, Disney World, favorite hangout: Sandy 
Beach, cause of death: car accidents (what 
else), pet peeve: too many people who just don't 




"Worry is only interest paid on trouble before it 
becomes due." likes: sailing, golf, Elton, food, 
sleeping, L.J., long weekends, chess, dislikes: 
waking up, lectures, basketball at Hanover, 
snowballs, wants to forget most: 12/17/76, 
activities: Basketball 1 - 4, Golf 3, 4, Soccer 2, 
Football 1 , Yearbook 4, Cross Country 4 

"Cruz", "Mike" 

"Even if you are on the right track you'll get run 
over if you just sit there." — Will Rogers, likes: 
my family, football, beaches, the 3B's, Aeros- 
mith, mom's lasagna, iced tea, summer, late 
nights, S.S.M.C., dislikes: hassles. Dubs, Mon- 
days, snobs, backstabbers, usually seen with: 
friends, noted for: strut, favorite expression: 
"What's the story?", ambition: to succeed in 
life, remembers most: 8/14/76, 8/21/76, 7/4/ 
77, Middleboro '76, Martha's Vineyard game, 4 
yrs. of football, wants to forget most: the night I 
locked myself out of the car, favorite hangout: 
the Beach, 20 years from now: successful and 
well off, activities: Football 1 - 4, Track 2 - 4, 
Basketball 1,2 




"The happiness you feel today, will once again 
come your way, as long as you hold the feeling, 
you'll always know the feeling." likes: Mike, 
Homer, full schedules, Put-put, accounting, 
sewing, driving standards, Tonka toys, working 
at Hingham Mutual, first snows, Tojo, fixing my 
car, having 4-wheel drive, Mike's sailfish, when 
it's my turn, dislikes: rotating lunch period, 
working on sunny days, getting paid once a 
month, getting stuck in the snow, favorite 
expression: "Get serious.", remembers most: 4 
/1/77, Maine, November 27, '74, November 
17, '74, World's End, making the honor roll, 
Dec. 8 and 30th, '74, wants to forget most: 9th 
grade, July 23 and 24, '77, conversations with 
Mr. Streeter, being 13, what they did to Lily 
Pond, cause of death: overwork, treasured pos- 
session: Tojo and Put-put 


"When you reach the end of your rope, tie a 
knot and hang on." likes: friends, good times, 
the Bradleys, fires, my family, late nights, 
money, R.C., California, sunshine, Grandma, 
dislikes: decisions, good-byes, being confused, 
being alone, cold mornings, snobs, not having 
enough, time, not being able to explain, the 
soaps, usually seen with: Doe, Stub, Donna, 
Mimi, Stoney, Chappy, remembers most: Para- 
gon Park, pink elephants, Twad's house, all 
nighters, Tessahoc '77, the house of Mother 
Goose, wants to forget most: Sept. 18, 1977, 
flashing blue lights, 9/19/75, the house of 
Mother Goose, pet peeve: cigarette smoke, 
worst horror show: Sept. 19, 1975, treasured 
possession: the Green Bomb, activities: Softball 
2 - 4, Basketball 1 , 2, Rousers 4, Varsity Club 3, 
44, Powder Puff 3, 4, Health Club 3, 4 


"Of the good in you I can speak, but not of the 
evil. For what is evil but good — tortured by its 
own hunger and thirst." likes: P.S.M, K.D., 
E.P.L.C., being a Scorpio, summers when I'm 
not working, lots of clothes, the very best in hair 
care, when the hair cuts I give come out perfect, 
money to spend carelessly, dislikes: rainy, cold 
days, being broke, being a student clerk, 
snobby people, drunks, when Chinny is high, 
usually seen with: Kelly, and the regular crew of 
delinquents, Kippy, ambition: to become a very 
good hair stylist, remembers most: 7th grade, 
Sept. 2 to Sept. 6, '77, April vacation '77, wants 
to forget most: 7th grade, being at CHS, the 
past 18 years, favorite hangout: Bell Buoy, 
treasured possession: my car 




"Life is like an onion. You peel it off layer by 
layer and sometimes you weep." likes: swim- 
ming, basketball, tennis, volleyball, soccer, driv- 
ing cars, cute boys, not working, biting my fing- 
ernails, going to parties, being an only child, 
Pouncho, music, Mrs. Burns, having English 
with Mr. MacDonald, being with people, dis- 
likes: snobs, prejudiced people, ignorant peo- 
ple, 9th and 10th grade Humanities, 9th grade 
Biology, Ms. Watson's gym class, school 
lunches, Yvonne when she sucks her teeth, get- 
ting up at 5:30 AM, usually seen with: Yvonne, 
Sheryl, Cheryl, Carla, Ren6e, Joy, Dianne, 
Brian, Patrick, noted for: having money, ambi- 
tion: to become a Special Education teacher, 
remembers most: Fashion Show, Grass Ain't 
Green on the Other Side, summer '77, play 
director, Louis Lane, Godspell, wants to forget 
most: first year at CHS, favorite hangout: steps 
in front of old gym, cause of death: candy, 20 
years from now: Administrator of a Special 
Needs Institution 



"Put something exciting between your legs, get 
a bike." likes: Moss Point, Honda's, Led Zeppe- 
lin, good tunes, gold, in the bottles, Elsinores' 
and RM's, hockey, Red Sox, the Three Stooges, 
bongs, parties, Barit6s, dislikes: snow, cold win- 
ters, getting up early, getting demerits, usually 
seen with: Kenn, Nick, Allen, Tamata, Rat, Bibs, 
Sean, Jerry, Lich, Litch, Eley, the Dude, my bike, 
B.S., Joe, Palsey, Mike, Mark, Ronnie, noted 
for: accent, knowledge, cause of death: over 
weight, pet peeve: a bike that won't start, 20 
years from now: retired 



"If a friend isn't there when you need him ai 
you aren't there when he needs you, then wr 
be friends at all." likes: M.A., living, skiing, ou 
doors, music, being with friends, parties, nic 
people, ambitious people, concerts, Geils an 
guitar, dislikes: snobs, jocks, especially froi 
Cohasset, people like me, usually seen witl 
Michael, Karen, Wendy, Jenny, and Paul, seen 
desire: to marry a certain person, live in a lo 
cabin on a lake, and be rich, or to be a rock sta 
remembers most: crazy parties with peop' 
from Scituate, all the people I met at the era 
parties, good times in New Hampshire, wants i 
forget most: parties where I was not, first 1 
years of my life, D.W.C., the unforgettablf 
worst horror show: winter '76 '77, with J. A. an 


"Get off my case and thank you Louise!", "Hug 
ne please, I don't want to hear about the bills." 
likes: to eat, dance, loving people, disco, to 
swim under water, camping, riding my 10- 
speed, Christmas at the Cone's (a white one at 
that), 88 year old, hot ticket Gram, the whole 
fam damly, giving myself to others, to love and 
to be loved, fire places, dislikes: closed minded 
people, closet cases, pollution, snobs, cliques, 
breath, Mondays, bigotry, acid music, smell of 
cigarette smoke, some parts of Mass., colds, 
headaches, zits, usually seen with: Debbie (oth- 
erwise known as Freechild), Lisa G., Lynn R., 
Tom C, JOHN C, noted for: walking into doors, 
honest, not being happy in CHS because it's so 
boring, making people laugh, favorite expres- 
sion: "Oh God!", ambition: to model for my 
brother who designs clothes, secret desire: 
famous artist, fly a war plane in Air Force, 
remembers most: nightmare that came true, 
wants to forget most: the times of despair with 
cur home life, favorite: hangout: 1270, Eude- 
mon Discotec, Red Lion Inn, cause of death: old 
age, pet peeve: Moo Moo, 20 years from now: 
famous model created by J. 

"Collenz", "Chippa, "Chris" 

"I don't want to stand in the setting sun, and 
hate myself for the things I've done." likes: 
pianos extraordinaire, older women, Elton, 
Springsteen, Doonesbury, pizza, stormy days, 
spinnakers, existentialism, 007 flicks, usually 
seen with: the best people, noted for: my Volvo, 
short hair. Punk-rock rave, ambition: jet-set 
pilot, secret desire: Kimmie, remembers most: 
Ward's bio., those 3:00 AM nights, the Oktober- 
fest. Chips Wars, leaving thoughts: we've ended 
as lovers, activities: Basketball 1 (co-capt.) - 4, 
Soccer 1 (co-capt) - 4, Track 1 - 4, Drama Club 
4, Boosters 3, 4, Crew 2 (co capt), 3, 4, Girls 1 - 
4 (capt), Yearbook Staff 4, Student Council Rep 


"You've got so much to say, say what you 
mean, mean what you're thinking, and think 
anything." — Cat Stevens, likes: Steely Dan, 
sports, concerts, all my moms, Buddy #1, 
Nice-nikes, summer, red moons, dislikes: miss- 
ing Walt Disney, winter, 5:30 practices, raking 
leaves, the Beach, usually seen with: Skippy, 
Fic, Schlick, Pope, Duke and the preps, noted 
for: being short, secret desire: to own a dazzle 
T-shirt, remembers most: Springsteen concert 
'76, Kangamangus, Graebener '76-'77, 
S.S.M.C., cookie jar, the Rat, Cape '77, wants to 
forget most: car rides with Chipper and Bruzza, 
the S.T., B.U.D., run, C.Q. parties, activities: 
Football 1, 2, Hockey 1 - 4, Soccer 3, Tennis 3, 

1 7 


"Debbie," "Freechild" 

likes: motorcycles, Beechwood, my friend, 
cruising, "partying with Geil's tunes cranked to 
the max," concerts, electric guitars, dislikes: 
Wayne, snobs, false people, Dave O., cliques, 
mopeds, Hondas, Yamahas, Suzukis, hassles, 
usually seen with: Renee, Bonnie, Raymond, 
Horace, Vinnie, Terri, Carole, favorite expres- 
sions: "Catch Ya.", remembers most: family 
fights, my sister's wedding, 6/20/77 my motor- 
cycle accident, favorite hangout: Beechwood, 


"Everybody's going somewhere, riding just as 
fast as they can ride, I guess they've got a lot to 
do, before they can rest assured, their lives are 
lustified." — Jackson Browne, likes: Doritos, 
Europe, the ocean, traveling, partying, easy- 
going people, dislikes: rain, Manchester, N.H., 
New Jersey, rude people, Sundays, winter, usu- 
ally seen with: Tebbs, Gurny, Hewy, Doctor 
Stuart (F.F.A.), noted for: the Oldsmobile 
cruiser, favorite expression: "Don't be rude.", 
remembers most: spring of '77, the Tebbetts 
mobile, wants to forget most: 10th grade, sum- 
mer of '77, Al's Spaghetti House, favorite hang- 
out: Bow Road, cause of death: the green death, 
activities: ALT School 2 4, Metropathways 2 ■ 4 



"there is no need for an outpouring of words to 
explain oneself to a friend. Friends understand 
each other's thoughts even before they are spo- 
ken." likes: Mom and Dad, smiles, skiing, Bob, 
funny people, my animals, sad movies, clothes, 
craziness with Jen, Princess Lee, dislikes: eggs, 
bananas, goodbyes, usually seen with: Jon H., 
Tracy F., noted for: my feet; ambition: to live 
happily in Switzerland, remembers most: 2/14/ 
76, a beginner skier, laughing with Sue, talks 
with Jen, the White family, 10/1/77, pizza 
fight, S.C. on the Boston common, Ellehcim, 
wants to forget most: my knee, activities: Field 
Hockey 1 3, Basketball 1, 2, Track 2 



"Hoi", "Hollis" 
"The most wanted days of all is that on which 
you have not laughed." likes: my family, 
friends, laughing, definite maybes, singing, 
Christmas, eating in NSH, pizza, snow, "Send 
in the Clowns", playing the guitar, M&M's, 
Ziggy, sleeping late, Quebec, cheering, the cir- 
cus, retreats, big smiles, "roses not weeds", 
dislikes: worrying, 6-9 at Fayva, being called 
Heidi, Monday mornings, A.P.E. papers, cli- 
ques, lack of money, cheering for unrowdy 
crowds, being late to anything, catching a cold, 
having laryngitis, math and history, bad moods, 
ignorance, usually seen with: Gayle, Sarah, 
Laura, Kris, Maura, Kathy, and various grins 
and giggles, noted for: inability to stop laugh- 
ing, remembers most: Chris, Dickie's friend- 
ship, 700 buggies in the funeral procession, 
New York summers, Teddy Bear, P.E.P., my sis- 
ter's spaz attacks, special members of the class 
of '80, 9th grade, acting crazy with Gayle, Mrs. 
Thoren, M&M meetings, Norwell 33-0, Ingnd, 
Mr. Collins, want to forget most: losing football 
games, the wetness of Marine Biology, a certain 
intersection in Braintree, activities: Cheering 2 - 
4, Chorus 1, 3, 4, Rousers 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 
4, Pop Vocal 3, 4, Nat' I Hon. Soc. 3, 4 


"Love and laughter are the intoxicants of life." 
likes: Norman, ocelots, sterling silver, travell- 
ing, tennis, the city, European men, iazz, 
Matisse, dislikes: cold weather, being unem- 
ployed, waking up in morning, favorite hangout: 
Montreal, secret desire: to go on an African 
safari with Gregory Peck, wants to forget most: 
July 4th '77 


"Lin", "Chappy", "L.D." 

"All you touch and all you see is all your life will 
ever be." likes: E.M., skiing, Moosehead, water- 
skiing, movies, parties, weekends, summer, 
sleeping, music, no homework, good rave, 
being lazy, doing what I want, reading, Jean 
Nate, jewelry, friendly people, dislikes: getting 
up for school, fighting, the mess in my room, 
moving, snobs, not getting the car, football 
losses, rainy days, pictures by D*M, long term 
projects. New Jersey, long separations, bus 
rides, cops on Forest Ave., ambition: to reach 
middle age without going cuckoo and to be able 
to read Kristin's notes without help, remembers 
most: Eagles/Mac concert, Feb. '75, H."T." B., 
summer 75, summer '76, Feb. vacation, '76 
and July '77, 7/18/77, CM. on 4/22/77, 10/ 
15/76, Fish, Mr. X., the B.G.P., "F.B.", midway, 
wants to forget most: June '76, my party, 8/28/ 
76, June '77, 12/31/76 - 1/1/77, "SPL", a 
certain club, E, punching P., Sept. '76, the lip, 
the paper eater, A. P. Bio tests and Mr. M's 
P.D.'s, pet peeve: "YEAAH . . . well, I don't 
know . . . but!", worst horror show: coed gym, 
activities: Chorus 1, Band 1, 2, Cheering 2, 3, 
Softball 2 4, Rousers 4, Powder puff 3, 4, 
Yearbook 4 





"Do me wrong, do me right, tell me lies, but 
hold me tight. Save your goodbyes for the morn- 
ing light . . . Don't let me be lonely tonight 
. . .," likes: Bobby, summer, barefeet, poetry, 
James Taylor, Jamacia, Roger, the beach, 
roses, "grape," Snooze and Dottie-kins, having 
a twin, dislikes: apathy, snobs, feeling out of 
place, getting lost, mixed emotions, decisions, 
no money, people who don't care, usually seen 
with: Chris, Rhonda, and a white uniform, 
remembers most: 110 MPH, Sept. 17, '77, 
Jelly, Bess, ski expedition '77, "Have any 
matches?," exploding "TP," Mack and Myre, 
Jan. 1, '77, wants to forget most: Sept. 24, '77, 
M.B.J., carton, thinking it would last, Florida 
friends, cause of death: nervous breakdown 



"Among wise men, the wisest knows that he 
knows least; among fools, the most foolish 
thinks he knows most." likes: ice-cubes, sailing, 
Fridays, music, athletics, little responsibilities, 
and the ocean, dislikes: empty ice trays, waking 
up, Mondays, working summers, talking to 
know-it-alls, favorite expression: "Let me 
think." ambition: to escape, cause of death: try- 
ing to accomplish my ambition, 20 years from 
now: living in a life-supporting cubicle sur- 
rounded by a vacuum, leaving thoughts: "Never 
fool yourself.", activities: Basketball 1 - 4, Track 
1 - 4, Student Council 1, 2, Class Officer 3, 4, 
Yearbook Staff 4 


"Doctor", "Dools" 

"You know when you're the best." likes: *12, 
Katie, my family. Stooges, big cars, applie pie, 
'oMipops, winning, sleeping, Elvis, benda, dis- 
hes: asking for the car, having no money, 
being blamed, for things I didn't do, waiting, 
ueing woken up, waiting for a game to start, 
usually seen with: Chris, John, Rick, Thane, 
ambition: to leave Beachwood, remembers 
most: the boat, getting beaned in the head, 5/9 
77, April vacation, Buck's impression, my hair, 
1 st hr., the Cape, night of SAT's, wats to forget 
most: morning of SAT's, 11/10/76, SW, strik- 
ing out with bases loaded, worst horror show: 
Room 255, treasured possession: puka shells, 
activities: Football 1 - 4, Baseball 1 - 4 


"Moe", "Moses" 

"Search life before it leaves you. Ask questions 
you only ask in dreams. Walk tall among the 
world, Yet be small enough that even the sim- 
plest soul may reach you. Give freely of your 
thoughts, for without them where is tomorrow? 
Live each day as your last. Give each minute 
consideration, Yet ponder not on its passing. 
Change what must be changed, but be aware of 
evil for it too shares the soul. You are part of a 
whole; but be whole in your part. Be your own 
inspiration, yet criticize no man in vain, For it 
adds nothing but removes much. Therefore, in 
all, take life as you know it and know it as your 
life." remembers most: "Euhhhh!", summer 
'77, 8/19/77, retreats, "8th grade tracks", RLI 
'73, "Where's my fuzzy?", "Figaro", Mr. Thrift- 
way, U*hauls, Plymouth Beach, adventures 
with Lee and Linda, New Jersey with Julie 






"Life can only be what you make of it." likes: 
skiing, sailing, swimming, Carol, starting the 
day early, ending the day late, dislikes: pushy 
people, lies, small paychecks, cold wet nights, 
usually seen with: Carol, "68", Dodge station 
wagon, "Rocky", Mike, Paul, Guinroy, Boofa, 
Rick, noted for: "the hat", bandana, secret 
desire: to have a secret desire, remembers 
most: weekends at the homestead, "Mississippi 
Mud", 4/1/77, M.D., Springfield, Madison, 
Burlington, the great raccoon hunt, wants to 
forget most: the Greenhouses, a certain day in 
the summer of '76, L.W., "H.T.", a certain ride 
on a Maico 250, cause of death: driving to Con- 
necticut during rush hour 




"False friends are in like leaves found every- 
where; true friends are like diamonds precious 
and rare." likes: Levis, Corvettes, "Sox 39", my 
family, true friends, the ocean, reminiscing, 
Ben Vereen, autumn, Sha-na-na, my pen pal, 
the Red Sox, dislikes: blushing, having nothing 
to do, death, poison ivy, short letters, vegeta- 
bles, cough syrup, deadlines, misplacing 
things, humidity, people who chew ice cubes, 
usually seen with: Sam, Anne, Marianne, 
Donna, Dee, noted for: being gullible, weird 
handwriting, being a jinx, favorite expression: 
"Marvelous", ambition: to solve my own prob- 
lems and not everyone else's, remembers most: 
Mon chasing, surprise birthday party, "Hop- 
per", Auntie G. and Uncle A., remembers 
whens with Ga-oo, Hugo's, wants to forget 
most: bicycle wipe outs, laundry room fire, 
Osgood 'Schlatter's, May 28, 1977 



likes: Shelanne, coming from a large family, fall 
days, Sundays, my friends, lobsters, bus rides 
after a win, sports, #44, my father's weird 
ways, F.L. sour cream and onion potato chips, 
double cheese and sausage pizza, dislikes: my 
moods, talking about a loss, skunks at 5:00 AM, 
cigarette smoke, "wait until next year", rm. 
255, running out of gas, usually seen with: She- 
lanne, noted for: being injured, putting my foot 
in my mouth, favorite expression: "Hey Skin- 
ner", secret desire: to be taller than Bonehead, 
remembers most: 3/11/77, Bruzky, Durk and 
all the other good times, Christmas carolling, 
lan's pancakes and . . ., Feb. vac. party. Cat's 
rave, a quick 60 at P-town, 2:30 in T.B.'s car, 
wants to forget most: waiting instead of asking, 
"It's gonna blow!", worst horror show: the six 
slaps in the face I didn't need, activities: Hockey 
1 -4, Football 1 -4, Baseball 1,2 



"Mefa," "Ft" 

"Nature has implanted in our souls an indistin- 
guishable love of everything great and exalted, 
of everything that appears beyond our compre- 
hension. Whence it comes to pass, that even the 
whole world is not sufficient for the depth and 
rapidity of the human imagination, which often 
sallies forth beyond the limits of all that sur- 
rounds us." — Longinus, likes: cats, sunsets, 
Canada, raving with Dan, true friends, Dylan, 
reminicing, white Chritmas', feathers, being left 
handed, Alt. school, corn on the cob, writing 
backwards, Nappy's braid, dislikes: being stood 
up, rain, being misunderstood, gum, usually 
seen with: Pam B., Dan B., Jill S., Sue H., noted 
for: my walk, secret desire: to work out a rela- 
tionship with a certain friend, remembers most: 
4/1/77, Mr. Fantasy, Fluffy, a certain camping 
weekend, the sunrise of 4/ 1 7/77, J.B., wants to 
forget most: 3/19/75 


"Dee", "Dee-dee" 

"Love one another, but make not a bond of love; 
let it be rather a moving sea between the shores 
of your soul." — Kahlil Gibran, likes: little kids, 
laughter, sunshine, smiling faces, rowdy music, 
daydreaming, Jackson Browne, close friends, 
the ocean, "J.T.," Ronnie Laws, remember 
whens, munchin' out. Woody Allen, Bermuda, 
dislikes: put-downs, jealousy, arguing, misun- 
derstandings, good-byes, love'em and leave'em 
types, being rushed, embarrassing myself, 
noted for: red hair, freckles, a smile, remem- 
bers most: starlit summer nights, 4th of July, 
my first, a black Corvette, "Izitsafe, izitsafe?" 
24 hour counseling service for the lovelorn, Yo- 
Hans, 8/23/77, RED ALARM!, the little doggie, 
Nancy in hysterics, Chinese firedrills, 1 0-million 
tearfilled goodbyes, wants to forget most: 6/18 
/77, my past crushes, being spotlighted in Sci- 
tuate, Tommy's jokes, hiding in the girl's room, 
them, pet peeve: finding repeatedly that this 
quote is true of Cohasset's finest: "These days 
a guy doesn't take you by the hand, he gives 
you his paw." 



"Keep your face always towards the sun and the 
shadows will fall behind you.", likes: Kathy, 
MacDonalds, Saturday nights, scuba diving, 
pay-day-lunch break, Friday practice, ocean air 
(high tide), my family, #88, yellow Toyota, 
"Let's bring it in.", apple pie, dislikes: Lisa's big 
mouth. Dubs, getting out of bed, Chemistry, 
missing the bus, homework, rainy days, Sunday 
nights, Monday mornings, fake desire, green 
bays, mud in my mouthpiece, being nervous, 
ambition: to have a good time in college and 
pass my classes at the same time, secret desire: 
to be taller than my "little" brother, remembers 
most: Al's Spaghetti house, Tord, moving to Flo- 
rida, Middleboro — Friday night, RA — expedi- 
tion, original bends, Homecoming '75, Norwell 
game '77, my hair, Patriot game '77, wants to 
forget most: Norwell — Saturday game '76, 
getting my head shaved, "If you go offsides one 
more time Farren, I'll . . . '76," seven man 
sled, learning how to waterski, 20 years from 
now: waiting for my fro to grow back, activities: 
Baseball 1, Track 3, 4, Basketball 1 - 4, Football 



"A friend is one who knows you as you are, 
accepts who you've become, and still, gently 
invites you to grow ", likes: parents, friends, 
hockey, tennis, snow and water skiing, dancing, 
camping, CHS football games, music, sea food. 
Chinking at 2:00 AM, a sunrise at the Beach 
after a storm, drums, originality, Liz C, Theo- 
dore's class, dislikes: lectures, hanging around 
the Beach, understanding how, but not why, 
being told to do something just as you were 
about to do it, the Aftermath, getting caught, 
sitting on tacks, hoping someone didn't notice, 
Latin 1 1 — Jennifer can tell ya, noted for: the 
Robot, favorite expression: "Let's not and say 
we did ", "Stay gold!", secret desire: to fulfill an 
ambition I'd like to excel in, remembers most: a 
weekend at Dave's down at the Cape, B.B. and 
Refereeing camp, being able to see my ears for 
the first time in 8 yrs.. Uncle Sam's dance con- 
test, Holly's sincerity as a friend and her articu 
late Marine Bio. splash, wants to forget most: 
J.D. and the two oak trees, 5:00 AM stench, 7/4 
/76, 10/1/77 — getting caught, 10/13/77, 
Dave's party, activities: Hockey 1 - 4, Football 2, 
4, Soccer 3, Baseball 1, Track 3, Cross Country 
1, Chorus 4, Band 1,2 


"There are two tragedies in life; one is not to get 
your heart's desire, the other is to get it." G. B. 
Shaw, likes: being with friends, my family, mel- 
low music, snowy days, a good book, remem- 
bering good times, sprees, drawing. Rocky 
Beach, tea, being in the right place at the right 
time, Mr. Dean and his hat, new places, cinna- 
mon rolls, jewelry, hearing from old friends, dis- 
likes: feeling confused, being a worrier, waiting, 
pettiness, boredom, deep disappointment, my 
aversion to writing letters, when I hide my true 
feelings, humidity, usually seen with: Jon H., 
Jen D., remembers most: concoctions, 10/1/ 
77, the case of the missing toothpaste, parties 
in apt. 11, Michelle, Homecoming '75, paperc- 
ups with Jen B., the bike crack up with Jen D., 
fire drill in a pool, S C. on the common, Kool Aid 
on the roof, the chase, jewelry box in the rain, a 
certain trio, singing in the rain, times with Jude 



"You've got so much to say, say what you 
mean, mean what you're thinking, and think 
anything." — Cat Stevens, likes: J. CP., the 
Dead, my family, getting letters, long weekends, 
summer, FC, COZ, Donna, Debbie, dislikes: 
doing homework, Sundays and Mondays, taking 
the bus, history, rainy days, writing letters, Ital 
ian food, good byes, curfews, usually seen with: 
Jay, Eileen, Danny, noted for: the yellow 
bomber, remembers most: that Saturday night, 
summer '77, Bell Buoy, Beach, UMASS, O.C., 6 
/25/77, July 4th, '77, getting lost on 3A, Gate 
post, fat day at the beach, the good things to 
come, wants to forget most: sophomore year, 
"it," Sherman and 32 flavors, Middleboro '77, 
the bad things to come, cause' of death: old age, 
pet peeve: waiting for people, "same differ 
ence," activities: Yearbook 4, Powder Puff 4 

"Foney", "Fona" 
"When the going gets tough, the tough get 
going." likes: my family, Stooges, vacation, 
Steve Miller, swordfish, SSMC, parties, winter, 
football, having a lot of money, to sleep, Bruins, 
pumping iron, F. Gordon, winning, Nantucket, 
weekends, honesty, having the car, listening to 
music. Chink food, "the tango", "Soap", Fri- 
days, Trans Ams, dislikes: freaks, John's driv- 
ing, 5:30 practices, losing, tests, fakes, hot 
weather, rainy days, Tuesdays, boring classes, 
broccoli, getting up in the morning, people who 
talk a lot, Shakespeare, snobs, dubs, usually 
seen with: John B., Matt B., Jim F. Ben H., 
favorite expression: "You know It!", ambition: 
to become a pharmacist and have my own busi- 
ness, secret desire: to have a winter home in 
Colorado and a summer home in Hawaii, 
remembers most: Middleboro '76, Fenway Park 
'75 — playoffs, Martha's Vineyard, moving to 
Maryland, no school because of snow '75, 
John's 180° in car, blackout May '77, ice 
hockey at golf course, baseball '76, Jim's car on 
the track, wants to forget most: homecoming 
'75, 10th grade, broken feet. Geometry, "Geep- 
ers Crow Gentlemen", activities: Football 1 - 4, 
Hockey 1 - 4, Baseball 1 - 4 

"Fic", "Sticks" 

"Courage is more than a moral quality, courage 
is a willpower." likes: the folks, the Ripleys, 
Steely Dan, water skiing, flying, Springsteen, 
skiing, tall people, Saturdays, the drums, Angie, 
Buddy *1, nice-nikes, sports, anything lacoste, 
dislikes: missing Walt Disney, F.B. practice, los- 
ing at anything, people with no desire, usually 
seen with: Krinks, Chipperboy, Schlick, Pope, 
Duke, and the Preps, noted for: "It's gonna 
blow.", secret desire: to be buddy «t 1 , to own a 
dazzle T-shirt, remembers most: Springsteen 
concert '76, Durk's party, Schlick's ski and 
Cape Cod trips, Kangamangus, Graebener '76- 
'77, S.S.M.C., Wagons Ho!, the rat, talks with 
M.W., wants to forget most: spelling, car rides 
with Chipper and Bruzz, one extra large elm on 
Beach St., ST., the B.V.D run, the list, worst 
horror show: a certain poker game at Quilty's, 
activities: Football 1, 4, Track 3, 4 

"Mary", "Marg", "Mother-Peggy" 

"Miles from nowhere, not a soul in sight, . . . 
but it's alright. I have my freedom, I can make 
my own rules . . . the ones that I choose." — 
Cat Stevens likes: all igati ng around, James Tay- 
lor, Cat Stevens, James Kirkwood, organization, 
reading a good book, playing a good football 
game, "Saturday Night", my clay creations, the 
ocean, talking to a good friend, being 7th out of 
10, being blown over by the wind during a 
Nor'easter, a good movie, swimming, Spidey 
and 3-G, dislikes: organizing, being called Mary, 
being away from home and the ocean, being 
told what to do, writing papers on Thursday 
night due on Friday, closed minds, losing an 
argument, noted for: being stubborn, ambition: 
to become a forest ranger, remembers most: 
Camp Wing, the graduation party, Fairfield, the 
Anniversary party, Martha's Vineyard, the Sail- 
ing Club, classes with Mr. Lucas, 24 hour expe- 
rience. Vineyard, treasured possession: my bat- 
tered book, Good Times/Bad Times, activities: 
Camp Wing 1, 2, Field Hockey 1 - 4, Track 3, 4, 
Softball 1, Powder puff 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 
Yearbook Staff 4 




"If at first you don't succeed, you're just about 
average." likes: classy restaurants, music, sing- 
ing, walking, good food, Y.V.'s great sense, 
reading, tennis, nice jewelry, running. Jaguars, 
M.B.'s, Senor Fed, solving my computer home- 
work, long weekends, designer fashions, 
accounting, fish, dislikes: anything that has to 
do with gym and anyone who likes it, bumpy 
bus ride to school, getting up at 5:00 AM in the 
morning, Cohasset's hamburgers, prejudiced 
people, dry jokes, usually seen with: Sheryl S., 
Darlene C, Yvonne V., Joy T., Patrick W., Renee 
B., noted for: facial expression, favorite expres- 
sion: "The pits.", ambition: business executive, 
secret desire: to play the drums, remembers 
most: chorus with Yvonne singing Kum bah ya, 
consumer ec. with Tommy Paz., "Grass ain't 
greener on the Other Side," Donna J. throwing 
a bucket of water in Carla's face when she was 
in the stocks, wants to forget most: first year at 
Cohasset, first SAT scores, plaid coat in the 
11th, maroon corduroy coat for two years, 
favorite hangout: Mrs. Burns' office, worst hor- 
ror show: one of Ms. X's dresses, activities: ten- 
nis. Third World Society, B.P.W. 



"We probably wouldn't worry about what people 
think of us if we could know how seldom they 
do ", likes: winning, family, football games, 
snow, #10, halfdays, Saturdays, golf, pizza, 
driving, working in Weymouth, summer, Mac 
Donalds, dislikes: losing, getting up early, being 
late, dubs, Mondays, poison ivy, crutches, 
excuses, losing seasons, striking out, going to 
the hospital, usually seen with: Jim, Dools, Bob, 
Dick, and others, favorite expression: "Can I 
use the car?", ambition: to have the kind of job I 
like and live happily, secret desire: to be able to 
go anywhere at anytime I want to, remembers 
most: the run in the rain, David's, sliding into 
2nd too late, the fight, being in Nantasket at 
2:00 AM with a flat tire, Weymouth friends, 
Ayer, me and Jim at Milliken, Woodcrest shell, 
Buckley's impressions, my hair, wants to forget 
most: broken ankle, 4/26/77, M.H., 8/16/77, 
poison ivy, ECS, "Jeepers Crow," getting a wif- 
fie, 20 years from now: looking back and laugh- 
ing at all of us that got our heads shaved, activi- 
ties: Football 1 4, Hockey 1, Baseball 1 • 4, 
Camp Wing 1 


"I'm not afraid to die, I just don't want to be 
there when it happens." — Woody Allen, likes: 
sunny days, long walks, being with friends, 
Alternative School, food, slow dancing, animals, 
summer nights, snow, sitting by a fire, sleeping 
late, dislikes: snobs, violence, wearing shoes, 
being told to shut-up, being late, getting up 
early, noted for: making noise, ambition: to do 
something great for humanity, secret desire: to 
get lost on a deserted island, remembers most: 
Alternative rave, leaving school for lunch, sum- 
mertime, snowstorms, wants to forget most: 
school, 3/1/77, eye doctors, 10th grade, pet 
peeve: people who don't smile 


"Non est ad astra mollisee terns via." — 
Seneca, likes: radio 104.6, WBCN, in Boston, S 
and T, Molson Gold, the Rolling Stones, favorite 
expression: "Hey Munro, you're crazy ", wants 
to forget most: Michael Londergan, worst hor- 
row show: room 255 


"Dan", "Gunna" 

"I speak the truth, not as much as I would, but 
as much as I dare; and I dare a little the more, 
as I grow older." likes: E.K.M., M.B.'s, parties, 
beach, raving, summer, chink food, weekends, 
good times, beach brawls, the C.C.F.L., all 
nighters, sleeping late, dislikes: mornings after, 
rainy weekends, Mondays, demerits, fools, peo- 
ple who say "What's the matter?", being broke, 
remembers most: the Bridge, C.F., rave, cruis- 
ing to Rocky Beach, wants to forget most: cer- 
tain poker games, favorite hangout: E.M.'s 
house, cause of death: marriage, worst horror 
show: 8/26/77, Mongo, activities: Football 1, 3 


"If you don't want to get embarrassed, don't 
mess with a Harris." likes: being able to sit out 
front of the outer doors of the gym and not be 
told to go to study, dislikes: not being able to 
take icecream out of the cafeteria, usually seen 
with: Brian Perry, Patrick Wilmouth, noted for: 
snakes and reptiles, favorite expression: "Gator 
McClosky, gator loose." ambition: to be a zoolo- 
gist or another Marlin Perkins, remembers 
most: having to go to Mr. Chatterton's gym 
class in snowy, freezing weather, favorite hang- 
out: Alternative Room, 20 years from now: a 
successful zoologist, treasured possession: my 




Likes: The "Yankees," Chuck Chan, NLE, 
Sandy, a certain smile, Hogan's Heroes, my 
grandmother, Waldo, dislikes: not being satis- 
fied, not being able to give a girl a ride to 
school, cold hands, N.C., usually seen with: 
usually not seen, favorite expression: "I'm not 
as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I 
ever was," remembers most: Boutz, unpaid 
September bets, Allah, March 28, '76, cause of 
death: a broken heart just like Boutz, activities: 
Basketball 1 4, Track 2 - 4, Football 1 


"I know that you believe you understand what 
you think I said, but I am not sure you realize 
that what you heard is not what I meant." likes: 
J.E.H., partying, pizza, camping out, Labatts 
50, sunsets, poetry, music, warm sunny days, 
New Hampshire in the fall, dislikes: hanging 
around the beach, mopes, snobs and unfriendly 
people, cold weather, having nothing to do on 
the weekend, long trips by bus, usually seen 
with: John, Mary, Fig, and whoever happens to 
be around, secret desire: to travel around the 
world, remembers most: camping in Canada 
'72, '73, '74, '75, 2/19/77, 6/2/75, cause of 
death: over exertion. 



"You were under the impression/ that when you 
were walking forward/ you'd end up further 
onward/ but things ain't quite simple." — Pete 
Townshend, likes: my family, windy, fall days, 
Boston Cream Pie, school daze, long hot show- 
ers, Jethro Tull, hockey, The Who, "Saturday 
Night," Cohasset, the ocean, skateboarding, 
sleeping late, Molson Goldies, Monty Python's 
Flying Circus, lightning bolts, COZ, King Biscuit 
Flower Hour, Bad Company, swimming, long 
bike rides, Floyd, dislikes: people who write over 
their pictures, "Goat," final exams, college 
boards, hard times, snobbie females, fakes, the 
stone wall at Black Rock Beach, favorite expres- 
sion: "Basically," remembers most: Tull con- 
cert, Martin Barre, Yes concert '77, the Barn 
captain and Dr. Gonzo, a blown-lunch, wants to 
forget most: eating lunch, cause of death: 
drown in cold water, pet peeve: scratched 
records, 20 years from now: too old to rock and 
roll, too young to die, leaving thoughts: "Later 
. . . much!," worst horror show: 1st day of 
school — put on the "Hingham Public Schools" 
bus, trea c ured possession: Animals — Pink 



"Learn as if you will live forever, and live as if 
you will die tomorrow." — Joslin Clinic, likes: 
Maine, rainy days, fog, canoeing, Mary, dislikes: 
nothing, usually seen with: Mary, Rick, Maryel- 
len, Michael, Peter, noted for: nothing special, 
20 years from now: I'll be rich, leaving 
thoughts: Goodbye 


"Jon," "Pope" 

likes: family, Fridays, skiing, sleeping, late, 
beach brawls. Big Mac attacks, vacations, 
Doublemint, dislikes: getting up early, rainy 
weekends, being humbled, monotony, usually 
seen with: Jim, Ian, Chippa boy, Jen D., Tracy, 
A.W., remembers most: Cambi, CCFL, dinghys 
in the harbor, 10/1/77, Florida, ski trips, B.F., 
Cape Cod, wants to forget most: "CELL BLOCK 
'73", Steeple Climb, favorite hangout: beach, 
20 years from now: in the Carribean on I.M.'s 
yacht, activities: Baseball 2, Track 3, 4, Football 
1 , 3, Treasurer 1 , CCFL 1 4 (capt). Fall Freak 4 




"I reached up to scratch the irresistable itch on 
my forehead caused by a recently acquired bee 
sting. As I did, I felt something cold and metallic 
protruding from my skin where the stinger origi- 
nally entered, and, taking hold of this, I pulled 
parting the skin of my face down to the base of 
my abdomen. I stood, and as my skin fell to the 
floor, I stretched my wings and buzzed out the 
window thus beginning my endless pursuit of 
the primo flowertops." 


"Miles can't keep apart people who are so close in heart", likes: 
being me, my family, my friends, J.D., music, to sleep, sun sets, 
watching nature go its way, real people, peanut butter and jelly 
sandwiches, tab, carefree gum, Greek Salad, money being left 
handed, cooking, dancing, having a good time, Mr. D, children, 
animals, orbit gum, Levi s, walking, the people I work for, dis 
likes; Snobs, cold weather, rain, being confused, being 
depressed, g fights, never getting a chance to express my opin 
ion, eggs, gossip, being woken up, people who can't (m y o.b ), 
Mr Henderson, gym, deaths, having to wait, people who think 
they are always right, usually seen with; Mimi, Donna, Doreen, 
Lisa, Michelle, Sean, Peter, Richy, and others, favorite expres- 
sion: "This is true!" "I can relate." "Say What?" secret desire: 
To cruise around in a UPS truck, remembers most: people of 
Marshfield, horseback riding, "76 B Day Party," Mr. D, Mr. H, 
Parns Island, Paulette, S.S., Aunt Joe, summer of "77," Ohio, 
Michigan, 12 17-76, Elton John concert, Steve Miller concert, 
meeting a certain person, lunch breaks, the path, castramg with 
K.P., B.P.'s comments, the orbit store, 10-8-77, pink elephants, 
8 16 77, wants to forget most: age, depressing times, school, 
being forced to do things, 7/3/77, needing time, CH S. demerit 
system, Spanish, Trouble, hassles over the Tri-Toms, activities: 
Band 1 4, Senior Class Play Orchestra 1, Softball 1, Cheerlead 
ing 3, Powder Puff 3, 4 


"It's only the giving that makes you what you 
are." Ian Anderson, likes: Rick, my family, 
swimming, skiing, food, cold sunny days, get- 
ting things done, sailing, B. and S., picnics, 
James Taylor, long talks, remembers most: New 
Hampshire '77, the Lemonade Streak, the 
Louow, Jethro Tull concert, late night walks, my 
first retreat, certain parties, hospital visits, 
worst horror show: Broken glass, "Get out and 
walk ", activities: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, Softball 
1 , Varsity Club 2, 3, Rousers 4, Yearbook 4 



•| have laid aside business and gone a-fishing." 
likes: raving, family, weekends, "Monsoon crea- 
ture from the north", "Bud-Bear", raving with 
Lag, "Prince of rock and roll on the Nantasket 
Surfside.", dislikes: "Cherry-pepper", "Will- 
nots", twonts, usually seen with: Tilden, 
remembers most: "Tooing", raving with the 
"BlueBuzzard", wants to forget most: poison 
ivy patch, 20 years from now: boiler room rav- 
ing with Bibbles and Charlie, worst horror show: 
Cristmas Eve '76, activities: Football 1 - 4, 
Wrestling 3, 4, Baseball 4 


"Biology defines life as "metabolic activity of 
protoplasm", but there are times when it seems 
even worse than that." likes: competing in 
sports skiing, sailing, tennis, testing myself, 
accomplishment, being competitive, dislikes: 
giving up, losing, being tired, laziness, the last 
minute cram, noted for: missing the Olympics, 
wants to forget most: AP history, French II, 
French III, studying for AP history tests, activi- 
ties: Cross Country 1, 2, Soccer 3, 4, Tennis 1 - 


"We do, 

Doodley do, doodley do, doodley do. 
What we must, 

Muddily must, muddily must, muddily must; 
Muddily do, 

Muddily do, muddily do, muddily do. 
Until we bust, 

Bodily bust, bodily bust, bodily bust." 

— K. Vonnegut, Jr. 



"Yesterday is only a dream and tomorrow only a 
vision. But today well lived makes every yester- 
day a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a 
vision of hope." — Sanskrit, likes: M.H.K., ski- 
ing, autumn, white Christmas mornings, thun- 
der storms, honest people, new clothes, dis- 
likes: being rushed, not having money, ignorant 
people, cloudy days, favorite expression: 
"Really," "You're kidding," ambition: to live a 
happy life, secret desire: to own a chalet in the 
mountains, remembers most: summer '77, 
noted for: being quiet, cause of death: not hav- 
ing money to spend 




"Oh mirror in the sky what is love? Can the child 
within my heart rise above? Can I handle the 
changing ocean tides? Can I handle the seasons 
of my life?" — Fleetwood Mac, likes: autumn 
my friends, Chewie, powder puff, windy days, 
visiting, Woodstock, chinking, the neighbor 
hood kids, tall, dark and handsome, being tall 
football games, being rowdy, hot fudge sun 
daes, dislikes: getting lost, hassles, hurting peo- 
ple, being followed, good-byes, little dogs that 
lick my face at night, losing, being tied down, 
diets, boring Saturday nights, jealousy, rainy 
days, not making it through all nighters, pup, 
pup, pup, puppy dogs, usually seen with: Mary, 
Moe, Buff, Eileen, Diana, noted for: being loud, 
a big smile, remembers most: an affair, T.B., Jr. 
High, Helen, "Just us girls," the "war," the 
retreat 8/20/76, 6/13/77, a trip to Concord, 
Homecoming '77, Sunday dinners, P.S., always 
being there, wants to forget most: 1/20/77, 
overdoing it, flat tires, Joseph's, going our sep- 
arate ways, getting lost, hassles with T.B., after 
prom party '77, 20 years from now: somewhere 
in the Carribean figuring debits and credits, 
activities: Basketball 1 - 4 (co-capt.), Softball 1, 
3, Powder Puff 3, 4 (co-capt.). Yearbook 4 




"If only the hands that reach . . . could 
touch.", likes: my mother, Mr. Di, being with my 
friends, smiling people, being happy, beneol- 
ogy, long walks with my friends, mirrored sun- 
glasses, friendly strangers, seeing mom smile, 
my 2 nieces, dislikes: arguments, with mom, 
being bummed, the tenant, being with needy 
people, rainy days with nothing to do, being 
bored, being nervous, people who don't under- 
stand, not seeing Sean when I want to, being 
confused, usually seen with: the musketeers, 
Donna J., Donna B., Dee, Lisa, Richie, Peter, 
Michelle, favorite expression: "A wicked — 
lot!", I can relate.", remembers most: Sean, "8 
/16/77", summer '77, Brian Perry's com- 
ments, 10/8/77, Jacky's graduation, the Orbit 
Store, the path, talks with Jay, pink elephants, 
Scituate people, lunch breaks, "What's his 
name?", MY FRIENDS, wants to forget most: 
LSK, family hassles, being cramped in, some 
Scituate people, hiding on Mr. Di, ace, the trou- 
bles I have been through, favorite hangout: the 
clouds, 10 years from now: still escorting my 
mother around, activities: Rousers 1, 2, Softball 
1 -3, Basketball 1, 2 


"Try to make it real compared to what?", likes: 
Alt School, Grateful Dead, California, late 
nights, jazz, Monty Python, chinkin, frisbee, 
sunsets, camping, hockey, traveling, dislikes: 
beach rave, AM radio, Boston Garden, bore- 
dom, noted for: the hair, remembers most: 
chase on Baffins Island, "A. J." music classes, 
classes, Myles Standish, many concerts, surf- 
ing. Graduation '77, New Years Eves, wants to 
forget most: Big Bear, Billerica, Community 
Center, favorite hangout: PallPaul and Mall — 
Jazz Workshop, pet peeve: littering, worst hor- 
ror show: 9th grade 


"Where have I known you before 

The moment I saw you I know 

I had found the singer of a thousand songs 

That haunted every dream 

The painter of the colors of my mind 

Reminding me of places we had been 

I'm seeing clearer now — the truth unfolds 

The past all drifts away 

You're back again my dearest friend 

You never went away." 

— Neville Potter 




likes: the ocean, jazz, a good crope, the woods, 
a clean kitchen, punching out Jim, Ann, Maryel- 
len, Jimmy, Tommy, Tony, Ann, Michael, Ste- 
ven, Amy, dislikes: oysters, disco, usually seen 
wi f h: Chick, Al, Stanley, Lenny, Gail, remembers 
most: Charlie Hoffman, J.K., Vermont '77, Billy, 
161 Hull St., Harmony, R.T.F. #1, R.T.F. #2, 
Gill S.H., wants to forget most: Mendlovitz, 
swordfish, J.K. and other horror shows, certain 
incidents on Black Rock Rd., treasured posses- 
sion: my house in the Black Forest with the 
Sprites, Leprechauns, and Imps, activities: 


"Krisser", "#6" 

"And the angels, all pallid and wan, uprising, 
unveiling, affirm, that the play is the tragedy, 
'Man.' And it's here. The Conqueror Worm." — 
E. A. Poe, likes: snow, Norway, Narnia, cheese, 
French, winning, my room, music. Big Macs, 
skiing, my friends, sewer cats, immediate 
results, my puff, blue cows, dislikes: the mile, 
waiting, decisions, empty refrigerators, waking 
up, earwigs, long 4th period, slimy things, awn- 
ings, pain, usually seen with or without a variety 
of people, noted for: green hair, vagueness, not 
getting the math assignment, "avoiding" lunch 
lines, not knowing, being "Fashionably" late, 
ambition: to find my yearbook, remembers 
most: "The Spotlight" 4/19/77, R.L.I. '73, 
French Library, gun club, R.H. club, V-berry 
yogurt, wants to forget most: 7/28/77, Rick's 
car, doing so many things wrong, cause of 
death: end of the world, leaving thoughts: "The 
party must be over . . .", activities: Field 
Hockey 1 4, Track 3, 4, Varsity Club 2 4, Pow- 
der Puff 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Yearbook 4, 
Nat. Honor Society 


"Forget about the past baby things ain't what 
they used to be. Fly on, fly on, keep on straight 
ahead." — Jimi Hendrix, likes: Alternative 
School, model "A" fritz, skiing, ocean, bicycles, 
basketball, sun, weekends, freedom, dislikes: 
wasting time, weekdays, rain, C.H.S. and its 
rave, cause of death: on my bicycle, treasured 
possession: my freedom, activities: Soccer 2, 
Basketball 2 - 4, Tennis 2 


.> cca Scv 

••The world that we used to know people te _ e 
it don't tum no more, familiar faces that ain't 
s~ " *e ce*ce -re — e :* ■ — e has 
:.;r-e 2-0 gore »*= ^eer »2**g *"C 

erg -as 2a* VTa r or--e- ~o~ 

gc:* r » D -pare 3 »'<2 cc "-eccce 

Bear, REIT", rk-kfcc-. missing Watt Disney, los- 
ing to Roberts, lusuaWy seen wrth: Slinky, Sides, 
Schlicks. Spunky, lan, Duke, Pope, and Preps, 
faxarite expression: ""ahh, I don't care-", 
-e~e — ces —.-■=- 2c 3 -a—, 5c 
concert "76, Driver Ed. dasses. Crrstmas Car- 
z<s ~z • o**r es :>,e- = ;ce-*s 2r2ece-e- 

Aaccrs -+o -CG »a-*s ": -*rge* — os* 
the ST., Latin III - IV. Mr. Mm's AP biology. 
3 i 2 -c I'2~C'-c . — 5 :-as 2:- . "as 
Football 1. 2. Hockey 1. 2. Golf 1. 4. leaving 
maug""; " . :» „c 2 "arvg coo z~c 

*r:sce--'-s -e «• 11-5 ,00 — s s 

me pr -c cie : "^ererce ce-*eer -- coo 2 -c 2 

~ 2 * — Va *• n2 " 



"Beware the Jattenaocfcf" — Lewis Car-all. 

"tv friends. Mexican Food, rearing, some 
of m> teachers, natural pecoe -etching T V . 

plants, me color blue. Mr Fee — . 2 a s 

music from me 50' s. gymnastics .-eve-* :a-2 
'el bars, dislikes, authoritative aeccie. cor-, 
oeopie, Chinese food. vegetables. Lann. coids. 
football, field hockey, usually seen with Tom. 
Ray. Michael. Ronnie, and Mice e ~<z~*z ~zr 
bemg sick a lot. favorite expression: "Man, 
mat's me pits'", ambition, to became a veflen- 
nanan. or a veterinarian' s assistant, secret 
desire: to go to Spa - We< :: :- -2*2 
-e'-'e'-ce'-s -cs- -ampshire '77, Rav's 

party, going to Casa Romera with Mr 0' Neil's 
class, starting 2 :e-*a - :a- wants to forget 
-cs- \e« -a-csr -5 " \ew 'ea- 5 "I- " 
seem :a-:-s some people I know, starting a 
ear, favorite hangout: Michelle s, Ronnie's, ca- 
me f 1 re station 

.EZ VA2 2AN 

:CS~2C:e 5 SCI~ e~~ -,- m -^r 

-a»e ,oor : — re goa «es - . 2 cas 
«e~a C'cc» caons e :* cer-_r-e __ e 
Baby Btae™. sfcwng. the fkJMmg a»S«ude. 322 S, 
s--"Zf ~c ceoce -so ':s*:S *oi is- «o"'« : s 
likes: KaOu wsuaWy seen with: Pam. Chippa . 
Paul. Ian. Dennis ~ctec -or rvng ~arz "2-.or 
ne expression i il retl »a a^er' Zc .cu ha*e 
zr-i ' ;.rcret desire: to s^are = ~o:rirari:e 
<i~ ce-'s —os*: Dr-ve' s £: s.~-c 2" * ~- 
z<~- : t 1 "' - cs - r*! .-la 1 ". - e Zla , :.'• 10c _ 
erase. 'DOG" ' 2 '-i Zc- 22 ~<z Zc. 'z 
7 5 Z'-- s — as z . — c - _ ses. IQ 7 7 7 
surnrner '77, Tag, English with '£", wants to 
"z^ze" — os* s._ 1 la-- ~i e coa* cringe 2- 
Marttars Y roya nd. RT 24 at 2rO0L 11 iuilki 
Basketball - -i ~-aox 3 I: ass =-s-s.ce-- 2 



"Forget what you have done for your friends, 
and remember what they have done for you.", 
likes: Saturday night, family, kids, trips to Con- 
cord, meeting new people especially from Ger- 
many, Pizza House, good times, long distance 
phone calls, getting away, my friends, Katie and 
Donnie, soap operas, hot fudge sundaes with 
marshmallow and whipped cream, dislikes: 
doing homework, Sundays, franks and beans, 
saying good-bye, fighting, people moving away, 
waiting for people, not being able to order, 
being bored, snobs, school lunches, usually 
seen with: Diana, Eileen, Lisa, Kathy, Mary, 
Donnie and Katie, Julie, noted for: always hav- 
ing kids around, getting lost, favorite expres- 
sion: "What's up?", secret desire: to be rich and 
happy, remembers most: summer '77, surprise 
trip to Concord, 9/6/77 at 3 AM, Deer Hill play- 
ground, powderpuff, babysitting '77, every 
weekend at the beach, junior high, Helen's 
house, Burger King, wants to forget most: 
Labor Day night '76, the path, N.H. 4th of July 
'76, Oct. 16, '76, the big mistake of '76, Sher- 
man, 32 Flavors, being kidnapped, calling the 
cops, activities: Powder Puff 3, 4, Class Sec. 1, 
Yearbook 4 


"Arlene", "Te-Te" 

"The beginning of love is to let those we love be 
perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit 
our own image. Otherwise we love only the 
reflection of ourselves we find in them." — 
Thomas Merton, likes: Bobby, my family, 
Maine, the beach, fall, spring, the drags, water 
skiing, roses, weekends, snowstorms, stuffed 
animals, flowers, camping, sunny days, dis- 
likes: rainy weekends, getting up early, long 
lines, snobby people, driving fast, goodbyes, 
usually seen with: Bobby, Joanne, and whoe- 
ver's there, remembers most: April 11, '75, 
black chevy, the Winston Billboard, with "Jo," 1 
/1/76, Joanne's birthday party, wants to forget 
most: 5/15/76, 9/29/76, 10th grade, favorite 
hangout: the beach, Leo's, treasured posses- 
sion: my stuffed animals 

"Herb", "Herbie" 

"The more we learn the less we know.", likes: 
vacation, Boston, Lexington, Concord, sunny 
days, dislikes: tests, getting up early, school, 
rainy days, ambition: to be successful at any- 
thing I do, remembers most: Mr. Henderson's 
Social Studies class 11th grade, field trip to 
Boston, wants to forget most: Chemistry 12th 
grade, the crowded school bus, activities: Bas- 
ketball 1 



"I'm not always right, but I'm never wrong" 
likes: tennis, chipped beef, family, clothes, 
gum, monkeys, being honest, hutch, snow, kip- 
pers, talking, privacy, not tamales, dislikes: 
feet, moving, liars, pillows, being depressed, 
onions, slobs, waiting in line, Science, busy sig- 
nal, remembers most: JB, July 2nd, Dec. 20, 
chases, summer at the Cliff, the habit, 9th 
grade summer, McCormicks '74, wants to for- 
get most: Victors party, Spalt's party, Oct. 13 — 
Hanover high, 2/13/77, 9/4/77, cause of 
death: malnutrition, pet peeve: toes, activities: 
Field Hockey 1 - 3, Basketball 1 • 4, Tennis 3, 4 


"Cam, Clam, Frosty, Cram" 

likes: Soccer, Camping, hiking, food, good 
music. People, the Stooges, Python, Cagney, 
Bogart, Woody Allen, Marty Feldman, SMP. dis- 
likes: paperwork, narrow-minded people, plas- 
tic, violence, cheerleaders, math, SAT's, ambi- 
tion: National Park Ranger, remembers most: 
Playing golf with Roy and Sinopoli at Topper's 
at 3 a.m. wants to forget most: That same night 
Topper's and his Sister's bedroom window, 
cause of death: Old age, in the Mountains. 20 
years from now: 37 year old Park Ranger, leav- 
ing thoughts: People from New England are 
very hard to get to know. You don't belong till 
you've lived here for 10 years, worst horror 
show: English, activities: Soccer 

lisa ann McCarthy 

"The most wasted of days is that in which one 
has not laughed" likes: my family, sports. 
Coach Henderson, laughing, snow storms, sad 
movies, football games on windy days, skiing, 
dislikes: being hurt, worrying, vegetables, being 
moody, losing, favorite expression: "only kid- 
ding" . . . ambition: to always be happy, 
remembers most: 8/3/75, 9th grade summer, 
"a special someone", the chases, skiing '75 
with Jen, Michelle, a snowy December day, 
Springsteen '77, wants to forget most: home- 
coming '75, Chapman's party, C Oct. 13, 1976, 
Hanover High, activities: Field Hockey 1 - 4, 
Basketball 1 - 4, Softball 1, 2, 4, Powderpuff 3, 


charles j. Mccormick 


"Early to bed, early to rise, until you make 
enough money to do otherwise.", likes: skiing, 
sun, summer, football, racing, family, Mary, 
Nathaniel, food, music, Steely Dan, #7, chal- 
lenges, dislikes: pubs, sleezy businessmen, tak- 
ing the blame, paranoid people, usually seen 
with: Mary, Jonny, Jimmy, Patrick, Chippa', 
ambition: to become a millionaire long before 
M.L., remembers most: 11/2/73, the boat. 
Human Torch, Cunningham 1/2/75, summer 
'74, Texas '74, Schlike's chalet, Virginia Beach, 
Durk's party, tooing '77, M&M cove, Middleboro 
'76, shaved heads, wants to forget most: the 
boat, skunk at 5 AM, the bike, Bossing's Beach 
Blaze, CELL BLOCK '73, summer '75, cause of 
death: loss of hair, 20 years from now: cruising 
the Caribbean in my yacht by J.H., leaving 
thoughts: Logic: Thirty days has September, 
April, June and no wonder all the rest eat pea- 
nut butter Except grandma she drives the 
Buick, activities: Football 1 - 4 (co-capt. 4), 
Hockey 1 - 4, Track 1 - 4, Band 1, Skiing 1 - 4 



"In the depth of your hopes and desires lies 
your silent knowledge of the beyond.", likes: D, 
F.G., smiles, weekends, sunshine, honest eyes, 
tuna fish, barefeet, snow storms, daydreaming, 
summer nights, peanuts, my family, soap 
operas, dislikes: fighting, being unhappy, 
snobby people, curfews, Sundays, Miss C, hos- 
pitals, silence, over doing it on weekends, usu- 
ally seen with: Danny, Maureen, Lisa, Mary, 
Kathy, Diana, Julie, noted for: always being on a 
diet, favorite expression: "What's wrong?", 
secret desire: not to move, remembers most: 
the 50 yard line, April 23, '76, the Golden 
Rooster, Helen, the all nighter with M, M, and 
half of L., Helen's parlies. Deer Hill playground. 
Burger King, wants to forget most: July 4, '77, 
Southern Comfort, the Music Circus, L. and T.'s 
separation, rescuing Lisa and Maureen from the 
maniac, a trip to Puerto Rico, cause of death: a 
broken heart. Activities: powder puff 3, 4 



"That's the new kid who moved here!", likes: 
motorcycle racing, parties, beautiful girls, being 
with my friends, Aerosmith, being popular, and 
the most important — being loved!, dislikes: 
moving, not having a girlfriend, losing my 
friends, usually seen with: my little girl and the 
gang, favorite expression: "Yeaaah!", ambition: 
to be very famous, secret desire: to have every- 
thing anyone could ever imagine!, remembers 
most: Ridgefield, Ct., being with all my fantastic 
friends I left behind, my old girlfriend — Dawn 
Kelly, 20 years from now: happily married to a 
very gorgeous, "special" girl, treasured posses- 
sion: my little girl 



"Question all as to their ways, and learn the 
secrets that they hold, walk the lines of nature's 
palm, crossed with silver and with gold." — 
Tull, likes: the ocean, Tull, bizarre people, snow 
storms, Maicos, Bermuda, summer nights, 
deep wilderness, getting things done, usually 
seen with: Mel, Gonzo, Buster, Hurtz, Mary, 
remembers most: New Hampshire — August, a 
few parties. Riverside, EPPing, the umbrellas, 
Jethro Tull-Martin Barre, Vermont, fear and 
loathing, the barn-Buster and Dr. Gonzo, H10- 
674, E. J.'s party and the walk, long talks, wants 
to forget most: rude vibes on a Saturday night in 
Falmouth, pet peeve: shoe laces 



"Kind words are like honey; sweet to the taste 
and healthy for you." likes: ravers. Punk rock, 
sports, the '77 math rave with Crinks, Mr. 
Walsh's ties, my family, "twitching," dislikes: 
showoffs, insincere people, being rushed, dead- 
lines, AP History exams, being teased about a 
certain night, people who are too nice, confu- 
sion, bad experiences, not getting the car, usu- 
ally seen with: Bernie, Susan, anyone involved 
with the yearbook, noted for: being ranked eas- 
ily, writing backwards, remembering clothes, 
crowded car, eating slowly, secret desire: not to 
turn red when I'm ranked and to be able to think 
of an outrageous rank, remembers most: ski 
trips, Mt. Monadnock, Jr. High science. Bacter- 
iology, the pageant, the 20 mile walk, summer 
'77, wants to forget most: test tubes on fire, 
burning necks, breaking watches, Mr. Mika's 
P.D. questions, a certain club, cause of death: 
laughing, activities: Field Hockey Mgr. 2, Varsity 
Club 1 , 2, Basketball 1 , 2, Softball 1 , 2, Track 3, 
4, Rousers Treas. 3, Rousers Pres. 4, Co-Editor 
Yearbook 4 



"Our time is just a point along a line That runs 
forever with no end I never thought that we 
would find Ourselves upon these rocks again." 
— A.S., likes: Stevie Nick, The Who, E.L.P., 
Maine, good raves, Demerits, beaches, good 
tunes, WBCN, fried clams, a baby's arm holding 
an apple, dislikes: Bay City Rollers, noted for: 
sitting in the back of the room, favorite expres- 
sion: "But that's not the point.", secret desire: 
to move to Montana and become a dental floss 
tycoon, favorite hangout: Bow Rd., cause of 
death: the green death, pet peeve: valve trou- 
bles, 20 years from now: cruizin' in a black 


likes: my family, silence, my job, cuddling, one 
long stemmed rose, big brothers, remember 
whens, dreams, being "daddy's little girl", dis- 
likes: saying good bye, being lonely, not know- 
ing why, losing someone you love, favorite 
expression: "Give me a break will ya?", remem- 
bers most: "Gotta write that down", totaling my 
Camaro, endless talks with Mary and Deb, 4/23 
/75, first experiences, April vacation over 
Dolan's, 9th grade, good times in a certain GTO, 
the Winston billboard with Doug, Arlene, and 
Bobby, Pancake Kings, Donna, wants to forget 
most: 2/14/76, 1/3/75, 8/5/75, a broken 
heart, favorite hangout: McDonalds, cause of 
death: too many good-byes, treasured posse- 
sion: all my memories, "It is better to have 
experienced and failed than to never have expe- 
rienced at all." 


"A quitter never wins and a winner 
never quits." likes: figure skating, 
motorcycles, woodworking, skiing, 
girls. Alternative School, bicycling, 
working, lobster, music, dancing, par- 
tying, dislikes: homework, cold 
weather, rainy days, English class, 
Spooner's Cycle Shop, car accidents, 
usually seen with: Ted, Mark, Pudgie, 
Hermit, Dana, Chuck, Steve, Allen, 
Alajahandro, noted for: hard working, 
fine furniture, accomplished figure 
skater, favorite expression: "Do you 
want to catch?" 


"Kathy", "Kate" 

"I've saved some sunlight if you should ever 
need a place away from darkness" — Rod 
McKuen, likes: sunshine, laughter, children, my 
family, jelly beans, friendly people, sensitivity, 
dreams that come true, Ecuador, nature, sun- 
rises, waterfalls, the ocean, "Johnathan Living- 
ston Seagull", "Heathcliff", meeting people, 
music, Woodstock, Rocky Beach in the morn- 
ing, traveling, green eyes, fantasies, dislikes: 
being misunderstood, confusion, loneliness, 
bad moods, phoniness, being lost, lies, good- 
byes, secret desire: to learn to ski by the time 
I'm 100 years old, remembers most: F.B., Ecua- 
dor, 8/27/77, T. J. in Bermuda, making 
repairs, "That girl", 6/3/77, black Granada, 
Kris kid-d-d with the auto, a Nantasket sidewalk, 
shocking K. P., "Watch my house", wants to 
forget most: a certain trip to Braintree Plaza, 
7th grade, green trucks, the Sunapee chairlift, 
"Lemon to the line", Mrs. F's driving classes, 
"The Se renade", cause of death: falling off a 
chairlift, leaving thoughts: Hang on Friday's 



"Bern ", "Bernie" 

"Happiness is the art of making a bouquet of 
those flowers within reach", likes: plants, tra- 
velling, strawberries, golf, ice cream, shopping, 
rainy nights, being Irish, grasshopper pie, Dis- 
ney World, dislikes: being late, the red car, 
eggs, stupid mistakes, wearing glasses, noted 
for: waiting until the last minute, favorite 
expression: "I don't know.", ambition: to make 
it to heaven, remembers most: language lab, ski 
trips, Mt. Monadnock, my surprise party, light- 
ing wet matches, 8th grade science, the Olym- 
pics, wants to forget most: breaking my nose, 
studying for quests, backing out of the M.C. 
parking lot, our science dilemmas, waiting on 
the front steps, marching in the rain, the rug 
braiding project, cause of death: listening to 
Christine, pet peeve: people saying they did ter- 
rible on something when they didn't, worst hor- 
ror show: the blue floor, activities: Field Hockey 

1. 2. Softball 1, 2, Basketball 1, Varsity Club 1, 

2, Band 1 - 3, Rousers 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Powder 
puff 3,4 


"The earth is God's pmball machine and each 
quake, tidal wave, flash flood, and volcanic 
eruption is the result of a TILT that occurs when 
God, cheating, tries to win a free game.", likes: 
Maryanne, southern rock, pizza, Polk Salad 
Annie, called off practices, paddle tennis, night 
moves, "Alright, let's bring it in, eh?", Cree- 
dence Clearwater, my name, rainstorms, hats. 
Stooges and Python, salamanders, marigolds, 
dislikes: C.C. Rider, boredom, people who try to 
be what they aren't, constant all-outness, busy 
signals, the sled, usually seen with: Chris, Rick, 
John, Tom, Sanchez, remembers most: Al's 
Spaghetti House, Oktoberfest, Free Bird, black- 
out of 5/9/77, Turde, Springsteen concert. 
Pizza Hut, Moon River, the Ra Expedition, the 
beautiful New Yorker, Australia, "workingout" 
for dubs, studying history at the beach. Eagle 
Rock, becoming the "Pope", FYES, Rebel, 
favorite hangout: Topper's basement, cause of 
death: mid-week practices, pet peeve: Idi, worst 
horror show: Saturday afternoon cruise in the 
little blue car, activities: Soccer 1, Football 2 - 4, 
Track 3, 4, Basketball 4 


likes: my family, being Irish, 103 FM, antiques, 
Latin class, without translations, my friends, 
Kitty, miniatures, fall, the ocean, sailing, Time 
magazine, my novels, rainy days, springtime, 
my plants, ILSK, science, Boston, dislikes: get- 
ting up early, being late, the '68 Ford, having 
too much to do in too little time, homeroom with 
Mr. Hogan, disorganization, ambition: to be 
successful in a medical career, remembers 
most: Latin rave with Big T., Peter Selvin, Slevin 
and Thatching, P.P., Al's after P.P., Mr. Gilmar- 
tin's class, good times with kids, the football 
games, the Hull kids, I.L.J.B.V.M., K.A.H., Har- 
borview after A. P. exams, R.C.'s party, wants to 
forget most: fruit flies. Bacillus Megaterium, 
A. P. quests, cause of death: Christine McNeil, 
worst horror show: the dead cat on North Main, 
activities: Rousers 1 - 4, Powder puff 3, 4, Bas- 
ketball 2, Yearbook 4, Class Play 



"May the bluebird of happiness land on your 
doorstep and die." likes: Molson Goldies, ski- 
ing. New Hampshire, my family, Southside 
Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, close friends, 
good tunes, windy Oct. days, the ocean, Wash- 
ington, getting away from people, dislikes: Mon- 
day mornings, rainy days, hassles, tests, long 
trips, homework, leathers, being the youngest, 
usually seen with: friends, favorite expression: 
"You've got to be dazed!", ambition: to be my 
own boss, remembers most: Sandy Cove, Oct. 
6, '76, Sept. 3, '77, staying in the hospital, June 
5, '77, wants to forget most: Sept. 3, '77, 1 1th 
grade, Oct. 6, '76, a certain party, favorite 
hangout: Sandy Beach, cause of death: too 
many Baritos or not enough, 20 years from 
now: doing nothing 

"Maura", "Modso" 

"What you are is God's gift to you . . .What you 
make of yourself is your gift to God.", likes: my 
family, friends, cousins, little kids, Lady, lily of 
the valley, white Christmases, pink snuggles, 
gymnastics, the ocean, Rockport, ragdolls, gra- 
pefruits, blue eyes, Woodstock, my mother 
goose, sewing, my room, nitetime, dislikes: 
being short, Kris' surprises, supermarkets, the 
word "if," following, hurt feelings, pretending, 
not knowing what or how to say it, goodbyes, 
lectures, oral-reports, noted for: losing my 
voice, favorite expression: "Please talk to me," 
remembers most: Hanover, New Hampshire, 
Piggies 3/5/73, smile it's Christmas, SS and a 
phone call, "I have arrived," 6/3/77, Kate 
watch my house, Kris where's my car, the Leary 
kids, Ray's advice, a letter, Mrs. Thoren, my 
grandparents, wants to forget most: ducks, los- 
ing the laundry, parents in Bermuda, making 
house repairs, ladies, Rt. 128, the hardware 
store, Gayle's party, Marcy leaving. Magnolia 
'76, a sidewalk, 8th grade, Hugo's explaining 
myself one night, cause of death: poison ivy, 
watching over my kids (Mother Goose), worst 
horror show: 9/9/75, the cornfield, the Boston 


"People who are wrapped up in themselves 
make very small packages.", likes: summer, my 
family, sports, sincere people, Cohasset, 
remember whens, blue eyes, my friends, sweat- 
ers, ice cream, skiing, dislikes: hay fever, wait- 
ing, curfews, people who don't try to under- 
stand, rainy weekends, pants without pockets, 
snakes, Christmas without snow, rumors, deci- 
sions, frosting, confrontations, usually seen 
with: assorted ribbons, remembers most: Suna- 
pee '75, some parties, losing the keys, 3/5/77 
— motor bikes at the cove, mud flats, mixed 
doubles '76 '77, summer '77, Facey's party, 
that night, milkduds, skidooing, Shelanne in the 
gutter, wants to forget most: 5/23/77, ladders, 
graduation party '77, boat on wheels, a certain 
b.ball practice, a letter, mistakes, cause of 
death: 5'0" (HJ), pet peeve: Sunday drivers, 
activities: Field Hockey 1 - 4, Basketball 1 - 4, 
Track 1, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, Powder Puff 3, 4, Var- 
sity Club, Yearbook 4 



"I praise aloud the thought well thought, the 
word well spoken, and the deed well done.", 
likes: sailing, skiing, basketball, Cohasset, sum- 
mer weekends, ocean, mountains, Washington, 
D.C., vacations, sailing in "gale" winds, St. 
Thomas, dislikes: bad weather, long tests, fat 
books, long lines, RT128, N.E. Fiberglass, 
ambition: to become a pilot, secret desire: to 
hotwire Bob's boat and split for Tahiti, remem- 
bers most: Derby Academy, moonlight sailing, 7 
/4/77, Coast Guard on the rocks, unexpected 
swim, bonfires off beach, favorite hangout: 
C.Y.C., cause of death: old age, 20 years from 
now: drinking coconut juice in Tahiti, worst hor- 
ror show: 3 months in a cast, treasured posses- 
sion: sailboat, activities: Track 3, 4, Basketball 


likes: skiing, tennis, Beth, Wildcat Mt„ BMW's, 
Adam's Peugeot and Volvo to the city, Pat's 
mustang 11, 12 TUB*LIZ*BETH C, dislikes: D- 
C, noted for: catching the rave!, favorite expres- 
sion: "One more!" (S.A.), "I'm only kidding.", 
ambition: to become filthy rich, remembers 
most: Kimball's by the sea (S&M), Brickyard Mt. 
with the Salv's, Mr. and Mrs. Wood's rave, 
sours, the ride home from the Cape, Sandy 
Cove, Copley Plaza Hotel, New Years eve party, 
wants to forget most: the morning of 7/18/77 
at 8:32, the switch!, cause of death: lack of 
attention, pet peeve: the five w's, 20 years from 
now: castle in Beverly Hills, Baby Blue limo 



"An obstacle is seen only when you take your 
eyes from the goal.", likes: good times, late 
nights, gambling, hockey, golf, Thunder Road, 
Lancers, vegging, being Italian, dislikes: Atlan- 
tic Ave., staying home, waiting, getting up, 
being criticized about driving ability, usually 
seen with: Steve, Rick, Chris, Tom, Paul, noted 
for: cockiness, favorite expression: "I'm just not 
psyched.", remembers most: 11/20/76, with 
the t.p., the backstreets of Boston, Springsteen 
and ELP concerts, B.F., borrowing the car, see- 
ing Chris skate, Hull fight, excursions, minia- 
tures, skylight, Spanish Seminar, in the park, 
wants to forget most: #1-3 — waiting until 
Easter, the Alpha Band, that long, long night 
and a few others, activities: Hockey 1 - 3, Golf 4 



"It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of 
the ocean.", likes: art, fashion, fine women, 
football, basketball, tennis, Mr. Di, Mr. Dorr, dis- 
likes: not being able to get into the gym, Mrs. 
Burns hunting me down, rainy days, saying 
good bye to a good friend, usually seen with: 
Stingly the Dr. and Tie, favorite expression: 
"Let's get toasted.", ambition: to become the 
world's most famous designer and the richest 
man in the world, secret desire: to meet a girl 
with green eyes, remembers most: Ern, Jimmy 
Dean, Stingly, Bo and Tie, Dr. Jay, Lolly, Dar- 
lene, Carla, Peache, Katarack, Bruce, Mrs. 
Burns, Trickey, Dee, Crazy Dorr, Mr. Kite R.P.F. 
class with Mimi, Pat, Donna, wants to forget 
most: all the teachers who gave me F's, favorite 
hangout: the gym, cause of death: too much 
. ... 20 years from now: Paris, where the 
women are and fashions, activities: Football 1, 
2, Basketball 2 


"Take me down to the harbour now; grapes of 
the summer are low on the bow; ghosts of my 
history will follow me there; and the wind of my 
old days will blow through my hair." — Joan 
Baez, likes: friends, surprises, skiing, swim- 
ming, summertime, my family, sailing, drawing, 
usually seen with: Doreen, Donna Jones, Donna 
Buckley, Lisa, Mimi, noted for: not being noted 
for, remembers most: all the good times I had in 


"Jim", "Duke" 

". . . The woods are lovely, dark, and deep/But 
I have promises to keep/And miles to go before 
I sleep/And miles to go before I sleep." — Rob- 
ert Frost, likes: family, friends, Jason, red Fiat, 
summer, snow, skiing, pole vaulting, Sunday 
football games, Earth, Wind, and Fire, the 
ocean, swimming, Cohasset, usually seen with: 
friends, ambition: inherit the business, sell it for 
millions and retire at 25, remembers most: the 
shark, cellblock '73, the beach, Cumbies rave, 
CH with the BF, wants to forget most: some 
stork, cellblock '73, Guillermos foreign women, 
Sunday nights, cause of death: Shark, activities: 
Student Council 1 , 2, 3 (VP), 4 (VP), Track 1 - 4, 
Soccer 3 




"If you do not understand my silence, you will 
not understand my words.", likes: family life, 
running, Maine, lifeguarding, Fridays, snow- 
storms, the Cross Country crowd, fisherman 
platters, the Pool, club soda, travelling, Mayan 
Towers, Palm Beach, tootsie pops, Orbit, 3- 
piece suits, dislikes: yellow mopeds, oral pres- 
entations, apathy, Mondays, cigarette smoke, 
some dogs, research papers, losing, being dis- 
organized, zinc oxide, favorite expression: "Tre- 
mankous," ambition: to own a white Mercedes 
Benz (with a license plate that reads, "MD*ET," 
secret desire: to be referred to as "Stretch," 
remembers most: lumpectomy, lifeguard par- 
ties, the "Unknown," breakdown with Big T, 
3,744 light bulbs, college interviews, Air Force 
Beach, East Bridgewater meet, wants to forget 
most: lumpectomy, "examination conforma- 
tion," the Paris school of Medicine, the Ides of 
March in 1975, Norfolk Road, cause of death: 
sunburnt nose, activities: Senior Class Presi- 
dent 4, Student Council President 4, Student 
Government Day Rep. 3, Cross Country 3, 4 (co- 
capt ), Football 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, Track 1, 
High School Band 1, 2, 4, Yearbook Staff 3, 4, 
Camp Wingl, National College Fair Guide 3, 
National Honor Society 


likes: "T" bones, skiing, parties, concerts, 
horseback riding, living, dislikes: snobs, S.C., 
usually seen with K.A., C.C., PC, J. I., K.S., 
remembers most: 9th grade, Bob Segar con- 
cert, N.H., D.F.H., wants to forget most: 9th 
grade, S.C., fights, favorite hangout: Satuit, 
Mmot, field, Hobbitland, cause of death: too 
much of everything, 20 years from now: partied 
out, worst horror show: Mr. Jutras 


"Quigly", "Quinny" 

likes: Vo-Tech, Ozzie, chocolate ice cream, driv- 
ing alone, Sunday CCD, friends, a few teachers, 
having three studies a day, WROR, the Beatles, 
Aerosmith, hamburgers. Fords, Grand Funk, 
D.Y., dislikes: afternoon homeroom, stereotron- 
ics, homework on weekends, leaving CHS, Mrs. 
Lahage's business packets, WRKO, having 
nothing to do, usually seen with: Mr. Packard, 
Mike Zotos, Bill Ross, favorite expression: 
"Grad," "it's Steve," remembers most: 1976, 
courtyard, A.V. room, football, High School, first 
retreat, first day in 7th grade CHS, first time in 
the car "alone," last year's accounting class, 
wants to forget most: the busride home from 
Vo-Tech '77, all the foremen at Vo-Tech, Mr. 
Emmon's acting class, favorite hangout: A.V. 
room, worst horror show: the day WE almost got 
creamed by a garbage truck on the way to Vo- 
Tech, activities: Football 1 

4 5 


"Our society is built on making do; nobody 
knows how to go further, to do more than what's 
expected, We should never settle for 99'; we 
should strive for perfection, and in that striving 
grow into better persons." F. L. Battisti likes: 
Renoir, les philosophes, Erik Satie, jazz, Ella 
Fitzgerald, modern dance, MYWE&GBYSO, "I 
love you to pieces", la langue Francaise, F. L. 
Battisti, Al & Alt, smiles and nonsense, English 
Madrigals, the Shawn and Its descendants, 
doing something thoroughly and well, dislikes: 
not getting anything done, people who think 
they can't — or don't want to try, Wagner, 
Schoenberg, Muzak, chauvinist remarks, A P E. 
papers, temperamental reeds, remembers 
most: B.C., CD., H. J., cause of death: bad 
canes, pet peeve: cigarette smoke, 20 years 
from now: teaching privately in a gloomy base- 
ment flat in the Back Bay, treasured posses- 
sion: my laubin, when it comes. 

likes: my beat, the idea of getting out of High 
School, a few teachers, friends, thunderstorms, 
making money, my family, snowstorms, snow 
mobiles, trucks, dislikes: Monday morning 
tests, buying gas, wasting money, being bored, 
long classes, usually seen with: Thaxter, Mike, 
Paul, Marty, and other civilized human beings, 
favorite expression: "It's up to you", remem- 
bers most: beat building in summer '76, favor- 
ite hangout: The Red Lion, leaving throughts: 
It's finally over, treasured possession: my beat, 
activities: Cross Country 2 


"A moments insight is sometimes worth a life's 
experience." — Holmes, likes: Dr. Pepper, 
sleeping late, foreigners. Diamond Jim, golf, 
COZ, skiing, Franklin, animals, a certain pic- 
ture, front seat next to the window, Mr. Di, dis- 
likes: leathers. Gullies, homework, getting up at 
6:30, losing, WRKO, Commies, ambition: to get 
some competition from Choppers, remembers 
most: summer '76, THE Norwegian, Louisiana 
Purchase, P town at 1:30, CH with the BF, hit- 
ting double figures, CCFL, "On the bus", Idi's 
nose, wants to forget most: the "Putter Treat- 
ment", attacking in the moped helmet and long 
underwear, four bottles that aren't at Kimballs, 
a few scoops of misfortune, 20 years from now: 
in front of a standing ovation, worst horror 
show: aftermath of an all night visit down the 
beach with the wrong person, activities: Vice 
Pres. 1, Soccer 1 - 3, Basketball 1, Golf 1 ■ 4(co- 


'I couldn't quote you no Dicken s, Shelly, or 
Keats, 'cause it's all been said before. Make the 
best of the bad, just laugh it off." likes: my fam- 
ily, tennis, music, summer, Nantucket, Springs- 
teen, Monty Python, Steely Dan, 2BG, parties, 
having units, Steve Martin, Fernwood 2 Nite, 
being lucky, Freebird, dislikes: being blamed for 
things I didn't do. Dubs, SLED, A P E. papers, 
constant all outness, long staircases, oldies, 5 
practices for 1 game, ambition: to be happy in 
whatever I do, secret desire: to join Monty 
Python, remembers most: first benda, Springs- 
teen concert, 5/9/77, Spring vacation '77, 4/ 
19/77, 170 2BG's, "working" at the Cape, 
FYES, Nantucket, meeting all those people, 7/4 
/76 at EJ concert, 5/25/77, Fox's party, wants 
to forget most: first benda, getting stuck in the 
mud in a certain Datsun, Louisiana Purchase, 
P-town, 20 years from now: a tennis bum, leav- 
ing thoughts: "Someday we'll all look back and 
it will all seem funny,", worst horror show: Paw- 
tucket, R.I. at 4:30 AM, a certain set of stairs, 
activities: Football 1 - 4, Hockey 1 3, Baseball 
1 - 2, Tennis 3, 4, 



"Are you there, say a prayer for the pretender, 
who started out so young and so strong only to 
surrender." — Jackson Browne, likes: Jack, 
summer, California, Geils, Harley Davidsons, 
Bob Seger, Hull, concerts, rowdy parties, sleep- 
ing late, warm nights, eating, Bad Company, 
dislikes: my neighbors, ignorant people, jocks, 
Cohasset, being depressed, arguments, snobs, 
loud people, D.J., usually seen with: J. C, Free, 
Bonnie, Cindy, Judy, Raymond, noted for: the 
nails, remembers most: me and Bonnie babysit- 
ting at Laine's, Eagles concert, a certain bike 
gang, Ritchie, 7/20/76, 8/14/76, 8/19/76, 
summer of '76, meeting Horace, my business 
teachers, wants to forget most: John 0., "the 
scare", B's diary, 8/20/76, 9/14/76, 9/14/ 11 
/21/77, D.R., Southern Concert, favorite hang- 
out: Quincy, Hull, worst horror show: behind 
Dunkin' Donuts 




"If I wasn't crazy I'd go insane." likes: a full 
tank, easy money, Freebird, Jethro Tull, vegeta- 
tion, Python, the Stooges, parties, having units, 
sleeping late, a sense of humor, hats, dislikes: 
being without a car, personal poverty, Sundays, 
being framed. Dubs, coach Mac's cigars, the 
sled, Pesky Wabbits, usually seen with: Rick, 
Tom, John, Thane, Joe, Felipo, favorite expres- 
sion: "Oh man", remembers most: J. Tull con- 
cert, blackout on 5/9/77, the Cape, winter of 
'77, Salerno-mobile, Oktoberfest, Al's Spaghetti 
House, Turcle, night before SAT's, wants to for- 
get most: the morning of the SAT's, Louisiana 
Purchase, the ice cream, favorite hangout: Top- 
per's basement, 20 years from now: living in 
the perpetual bends, activities: Football 1, 2, 4, 
Basketball 1 


"Be yourself — but be your best self. Dare to be 
different and to follow your own star." likes: 
Kevin, Li'l Paul, weekends, Fridays, having good 
friends, McDonalds, subs, having a good cry, 
stuffed animals, gymnastics, tuna fish and jelly, 
soap operas, strawberry ice cream, orange 
soda, dislikes: Sunday nights, pizza, being told 
what to do, saying good bye, 11 to 9, home- 
work, being bored, nosy neighbors, distance, 
misty eyed people, being hollered at, cheaters, 
feeling insecure, not knowing, being accused of 
things I didn't do, usually seen with: Kevin, Li'l 
Paul, Maureen, Eileen, Lisa, Kathy, Mary, noted 
for: cockiness and always having Paul with me, 
remembers most: 9/25/76, Prom '76, Dave, 
retreat to Penn., good times with Maureen, trip 
to Florida with my family. Eagles concert, 9/11/ 
77, secret desire: to get through the next four 
years without having a nervous breakdown, 
wants to forget most: Catler's party, Labor Day 
'76, a certain J.B., 4th of July '76, favorite 
hangout: the beach, treasured possession: Li'l 
Paul, activities: Gymnastics 2, Varsity Club 2 


"No goal is too high if we climb with care and 
confidence." likes: rainy Mondays, football, 
thunderstorms, water skiing, family, all outs, 
the ocean, powder skiing, Aerosmith, chal- 
lenges, math, YES, movies, life, the outdoors, 
hockey, dislikes: A. P. exams. Dubs, 5:00 AM 
practices, the sled, half-time talks, lousy atti- 
tudes, opening mouth and inserting foot, home- 
work, sleezes, Gullies, phoneys, injuries, usually 
seen with: friends, favorite expression: "Run 
that by me again," ambition: to have my own 
dazzle shirt, remembers most: S.S.M.C. rave 
with C.C., the B.B.C., breakup dinners '75 and 
'76, LES, Middleboro, 16-12, L.O.B., "Leory", 
coach Mac, M.V. (12-0), hockey bus rides, 
hockey (US. Han. '77), P, P, and K '68, skin- 
heads, wants to forget most: skunks at 5:00 
AM, Bio class, 33-14, A.P.M.E.H., 6th grade, 
campaign, leaving thoughts: on to four more 
years of "fun", worst horror show: room 255, 
activities: Football 1 - 4, Hockey 1 - 4, Baseball 


■Isn't life the perfect thing to pass the time 
away?'' likes: tennis, skiing, Steely Dan, 
Springsteen, Monty Python, Reginald K. 
Dwight, stormy nights, Saturday Night Live, Mr. 
G's psych courses, tickling the ivories, throwing 
my racquet, dislikes: severe pain, busy signals, 
people who throw their racquets, Sandy Beach 
on cold nights, usually seen with: Tubster, 
Stinky, Skippy, Roy-boy, Fichman, Montabaun, 
other friends, ambition: tennis pro, remembers 
most: Springsteen concert, E.J. on the 4th, trip 
to Stowe, Cape Cod, party. Ward's Biology Blues 
Band playing piano at Vineyard, wants to forget 
most: a certain week in September '77, the 
Chipper Wars, Creed, etc., the Cookie Jar, "The 
Song Remains the Same'' at Scituate, cause of 
death: forgetting to breathe, 20 years from now: 
Tennis bum, activities: Basketball 1 - 3, Base- 
ball 1, 2, Tennis 3, 4, Football 1. Soccer 2, 3 


"Love doesn't make the world go around, it just 
makes the ride a little easier!" likes: Ian, sum- 
mers, sunshine, my family, skiing, beaches, 
snow, chinking, McCormicks, Chana, fairs, 
rainy days, football season, sad movies, big 
bulky sweaters, hockey games, and friends, dis- 
likes: WORMS!, people who hate small dogs, 
fights, bad dreams, dieting, being followed, 
usually seen with: Ian, Lisa, Kathy, Maureen, 
Diana, Eileen, Debbie, secret desire: to be a 
"friend" of a certain millionaire, remembers 
most: 11/2/73, weekend at U. Mass., Binky, 
Junior High, walks in the snow. Deer Hill at 3, 
Powder puff, Bermuda, certain parties, out with 
the girls, wants to forget most: summer with 
K.M., S.C. at Eileen's, "the Clipper Ship," 
B BC, a dance, cause of death: my car, activi- 
ties: Cheering 1 - 3 (co-capt). Gymnastics 2, 
Field Hockey 1, Powder puff 3, 4, Yearbook 
Staff 4 

"Gub Sub," "Shorty" 

"Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be 
understood." likes: spring, sailing, snow, coke, 
the beach, music, owls, skiing (downhill and X- 
country), movies, hats, jellybeans, Stevie Won- 
der, M.C. Escher drawings, science fiction, rem- 
iniscing, fat cats, "roses not weeds," friends, 
donuts, dislikes: nothing to do, arguments, get- 
ting a cold, no money, eggs, cat fights, CPD, 
noted for: being short and shy, the CV jinx, 
ambition: to swallow an aspirin on the first try, 
remembers most: the bulls and raccoons, 3/11 
jr., 4/18 jr., remembers whens with Ka-oo, Tri- 
gon, horse and buggy, M.PENN., my 1 7th b-day 
at MV., Kris' walk to the B-ball game, wants to 
forget most: Yucky, MVFG, treasured posses- 
sion: my 50 plus gum chain, activities: Band 1 - 
4, Cheering 2 - 4, Rousers 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 
4, Senior Class Play 1 - 4, Powder puff 3, 4, 
Track 4 




"We never know the true values of friends. 
While they live we are too sensitive to their 
faults; when we have lost them we see only their 
virtues." — J. C. and A. W. Hare, likes: Mom's 
home cooking, fall, Christmas, walking, skiing, 
ice cream, Paul, travelling, constantly talking, 
blonde hair, #7, Bowser, bicycling, baby pow- 
der, laughing, usually seen with: lots of people, 
noted for: whistling while talking, having an 
optimistic view of life, ambition: the same as all 
mankind — to succeed in life, remembers 
most: past days with Sue that will become leg- 
ends in the future, France, moving, 20 years 
from now: living in my English castle, having tea 
with the British at 4:00, leaving thoughts: It was 
interesting and a good time 


"Our business in this. world is not to succeed, 
but continue to fail, in good spirits." — R. L. 
Stevenson, likes: my family, spring mornings, 
Friday, summer, pizza, concerts, chocolate ice 
cream, R.L.I., good times, music, air hockey 
and pmball at the Park, thunderstorms, gold, 
mom's cooking, Pennsylvania, baseball, sports, 
cleanliness, Stooges, Big Macs, Saint's rave, 
Eastwood Flicks, being Italian, dislikes: rainy 
days, fakes, "beach rave," know it alls, college 
tests, waiting, snobs, winter storms, getting up, 
peas, E C. in a bad mood, Al's, cliches, lazy peo- 
ple, Scituate, girls, usually seen with: Joe, 
Thane, Rick, and the rest of the boys, noted for: 
temper, tardiness, quick wit, favorite expres- 
sion: "You've got to be . . . me!", ambition: to 
see someone survive Topper's parties and 
retain his sanity, remembers most: 6th grade, 
group 2, "up" in the coaster, Oktoberfest, ELP, 
Frampton, Springsteen concerts, Mornings at 
IHOP, tango days, "jogging" down Washington 
St., Sundays at Pizza Hut, Perroncello vs. Hull, 
wants to forget most: ghost of Forest Ave., Yes 
concert, Farren's attempt to talk, cause of 
death: too many, Perroncello's driving 


"And a new day will dawn for those who stand 
long and the forests will echo with laughter. 
Does anyone remember laughter?", likes: my 
son, cruizin', Zeppelin, Boston, M.B., full 
moons, Cape Cod, kids at CHS, motorcycles, my 
friends, P.D., Quincy, good books, shop, 
racoons, parties, ravers, Sandy Beach, karate, 
my plants, stuffed animals, scary movies, 
blonde hair, my height, art, bike rides, rainy 
days, pomegranates, dislikes: fast cars, fight- 
ing, boring weekends, being pressured, saying 
good bye, my hair, spiders, being broke, not 
being trusted, curfews, people who don't under- 
stand, not knowing, finding out on my own, los- 
ing things, usually seen with: McNasty, Wendy, 
Karen, Jennifer, Cindy, my sister, noted for: 
activities during a full moon, ambition: to be a 
nurse, remembers most: 4/2/77, 8/16/75, 8/ 
17/75, 9/14/75, car accident with Chuck, 
motorcycle accidents, ufo sighting, camping, 
Norwich University, C.B., 3 ft. stuffed St. Ber- 
nard, wants to forget most: Scituate, certain 
people, activities: Rousers 4, Future Nurses 
Club 4 

Dutch Exchange Student 

This year was a great opportunity for me to get 
to know more and to understand more of Amer- 
ica, American people and myself. People should 
be proud to live in such a beautiful state as Mas- 
sachusetts. I would like to thank all of you who 
made me feel at home on in Cohasset, espe- 
cially my host family. 


"All things bright and beautiful. All creatures 
great and small. All things wise and wonderful. 
The Lord God made them all." likes: John, my 
family. Coy, animals, the ocean, sports, cold 
clear days, skiing, FL sour cream and onion 
potato chips, alligator shirts, double cheese 
sausage pizza, N.H., Vt., Cohasset, dislikes: 
moods, boredom, lying, losing, reading, people 
who crack their knuckles, usually seen with: 
John, remembers most: 3/ 1 1 111 , 1 -44-3, night 
on Julie's boat, long johns, 2:30 in TB's car, 
night in my boat, Sunapee '75, Gunstock, P- 
town, a certain gutter, Ann O's lift ability, the 
dress-up box, running over Julie's legs, John's 
hair, wants to forget most: many parties, being 
the possible cause of it's gonna blow, treasured 
possession: Woodstock, activities: Field Hockey 
1 - 4 (co-capt), Basketball 1 - 3, Softball 1 - 4 
(co-capt), Varsity Club 2, 3 (V P.), Powder puff 
3, 4, Yearbook 4 


"I am not that which I have been" — Byron 
likes: storms, the keyboard, Latin — without 
translations, Bacteria in T.T., 87 large cho- 
ruses, SEMSBA, dislikes: upright pianos, Ten- 
ors, milk in chorus, AP History "Quests", last 
minute English papers, afternoon homeroom, 
ether, 6:30 a.m. noted for: large hands and 
playing the piano, favorite expression: "Such is 
life.", ambition: to float a small rock, remem- 
bers most: waterfights and capsizes at the Sail- 
ing Club, the P&B, writing a play, killing 2500 
fruit flies, Latin raves, wants to forget most: 
showing up at Sandy Cove in a coat and tie, a 
concert in Gloucester, pet peeve: raking leaves, 
cause of death: a turtled sailboat, activities: 
Barbershop 3, 4, Chorus 1 - 4, Yearbook 1, 4, 
(Co-editor), NHS 3, 4, Drama 1, Debate 2 


"You have only one life to live so you might as 
well live it up as the years pass by." likes: my 
family, field hockey, Mrs. Wool, beach. Coach 
ing. Basketball, Softball, animals, Cape Cod, fall 
weather, my business teachers, Gordon, New 
Bedford, life saving, swimming, Freddie Tenny, 
Bennie Provty, Physical Education, dislikes: 
Homework, dull weekends, crowded areas, ciga- 
rette smoke, English, Monday mornings getting 
up early, usually seen with: Sue, Donna Taylor, 
Raymond, Debbie, Cathy, Sarah, Donna, Renee, 
Bonnie, Carol, Jill, noted for: getting away from 
classes, favorite expression: "how come?", 
ambition: to be a good Data processing opera 
tor, secret desire: to go some place where 
there's no people, remembers most: 2/18/76, 
2/25/76, activities: Field Hockey, Softball, 
Coaching Basketball 

"Charlie" "Chip" 

likes: mom and dad, Crystal, #6, competition, 
good movies, Saturday nights, winning, steak 
and potatoes, rowdie hockey games, trans 
Am's, tacks, hardwork, dislikes: losing impor- 
tant games, being injured, conceit, METCO, 
5:30 a.m. practices, loud people, running out of 
gas, remembers most: June 21, 1976, boat ride 
and Prom 77, undefeated track season, blue 
lights, chinking, parties, wants to forget most: 
Ed's cigars, a certain stockade fence, back 
injury and having mono, losing to Hull, 216 ft. 
slide. Jay's car. Activities: Soccer 3, Football 1, 
2, 4, Track 1 - 4, Hockey 1 - 4, worst horror 
show: Business math!, usually seen with: Sean, 
Crystal, David, Jay, secret desire: to play profes- 
sional or semi-pro hockey, noted for: speaking 
clearly, favorite saying: "Crystal can I borrow a 



"To be successful in whatever you do in life." 
likes: having money, playing basketball, volley- 
ball, and ping-pong, Diana Ross, albums, steak, 
onion and ketchup subs, Carol Burnett Show, 
Here's Lucy Show, the Jeffersons, plants, family 
get togethers, reading magazines, seeing plays 
in New York, parties, bracelets from the West 
Indies, bright sunny days, walking, painting, 
school vacation, April 29, October 6, December 
25, cherries, and clothes, dislikes: getting up at 
5 o'clock in the morning, rainy days, school 
lunches, homework on Fridays, homeroom, hav- 
ing colds, reading boring books, cold winter 
days, school starting in the middle of the week 
in September, usually seen with: Darlene C. 
Yvonne V., Carla L, Cheryl W„ Joy T., Diane G., 
Renee B., ambition: Accountant and Hair dres- 
ser, secret desire: to have a hairdresser beauty 
shop, remembers most: ceramics 5th period 
with Karen, Corlis Bouknight, Yvonne Porter, 
meeting my host family, wants to forget most: 
first day at Cohasset, having final exams, 6th 
period English class 1st term, favorite hangout: 
front of the Old Gym, activities: Basketball 1 - 3, 
Third World Society 

"Thaxter", "Tewks" 

"If you think me angry, soothe my anger. If you 
think me happy, share my happiness. But 
before you think me different, look at yourself." 
likes: my family, my boat, the ocean, lobster 
boats, seagulls, blackouts, A. P. Biology, bicy- 
cling, photography. Canon FTb's, the little rat, 
Minot's Light, friends, Adidas sneakers, tennis, 
lobstering, doing well in Cross Country, THE 
TRUCK, warm days and calm seas, dislikes: the 
first two days of Cross country, Hugo's and 
Kimball's by the Sea, dead batteries, yellow 
mopeds, Thursday night A. P. papers, snobs, 
small gym lockers, fruit flies. Mod. Euro. His., 2 
A. P. tests in 2 days, Norfolk, leaky dinghies, 
Hull, rust on the truck, noted for: my tolerance, 
secret desire: to return to Cohasset Harbor 
aboard my own 60 ft. Sportsfisherman, cause of 
death: attacked by a 20 ft. lobster seeking 
revenge on all lobstermen, pet peeve: motors 
that don't run well, 20 years from now: still try- 
ing to catch my first bass, worst horror show: 
A. P. Bio presentation on DNA, treasured pos- 
session: my life, activities: Cross Country 1, 4, 
Band 1 - 3 




"My love has one destination and has no goal. I 
think only of meeting its limit." likes: little chil- 
dren, puppies, singing, fine dudes, the beach, 
long walks, my family and friends, my three 
nieces, my main squeeze and Jamaica, dislikes: 
cold dark mornings, the winter, cats, Mrs. W.'s 
typing class, and the school lunches, usually 
seen with: Sheryl Sutherland, Darlene C, 
Yvonne V., and Diane Gleaves, ambition: drug 
rehabilitationalist, secret desire: to be a suc- 
cessful singer, remembers most: Mrs. Bur- 
bank's English class, Mrs. Doherty, Mr. Reade, 
Mr. O'Neil, Mr. Federico, all the METCO kids, 
and the summer of '76, wants to forget most: 
the ride to school, my four years at CHS, my 
Chemistry class, missing the bus, favorite hang- 
out: Mrs. Burn's office, leaving thoughts: 
"Don't walk behind me, I might not lead, don't 
walk in front of me, I might not follow, just walk 
beside me and be my friend." 





"If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.", 
likes: skiing, ravin', Kaddie and Frank, the Blue 
Buzzard, "Return to Forever," 1st snow, the 
idea of graduation, "Bud," the last bell, Lagros, 
spending money, dislikes: studyhalls, home- 
work, 4:30 AM practices, poor conditions, 
"twonts" true backbiters, no money to spend, 
flat tires in the rain, walking down mountains, 
usually seen with: Keating, Lag, remembers 
most: Florida with J.H. and R.H., Lost Valley, 
Colorado, the two old men of the sea's gone by 
rave, Ireland, 70° skiing, 15th, "Toomg," 
working with Barfly and crew, 10/31/74, 
Stones '75, Paton's attempt to jump a truck, 
weekends at Buffalo's, Wareham 10/14/77, 1 1 
/ 1 1 111, Yeager's escape, wants to forget most: 
Martha's Vineyard, getting caught, a couple of 
unfortunate horror shows, certain aspects of 
Florida, a certain party at Coley's, pet peeve: 
being asked too many questions, activities: 
Hockey 1 - 4, Baseball 2 


"I wish those days could come back once 
more ", likes: Cohasset, parties, Newport, fam 
My life, meeting people, having money, nice 
clothes, shoes, cars, travelling, graduating, 
June 27, Earth, Wind, and Fire, O.J., singing, 
laughing, NO homework, Debbie, nice looking 
boys, Mrs Burns, dislikes: gym, having to wake 
up before noon, being bothered by S.K. and 
D.T. and others, getting F's, winter, D.C. and 
S.S. telling me what I said wrong, Darlene never 
remembering, having to end good times, being 
caught, usually seen with: Christie, Sheryl, Che 
ryl, Carla, Diane, Brian, Patrick, Renee, Joy, 
noted for: always having something smart to 
say, favorite expression: "Yeah right," ambi 
tion: to be a child psychologist, remembers 
most: Grass Ain't Green on- the Other Side, 
rehearsals, friends on the bench, Chris, chorus 
with D.G , Lomis Lane, good weekends, all my 
friends in Cohasset, wants to forget most: the 
bench '76, J.H.'s mansion, only getting two 
votes, favorite hangout: in front of the old gym 



"Topper", "Rick", "Ricky" 

"Don't stop thinking about tomorrow, don't 
stop, it'll soon be here. It'll be here better than 
before. Yesterday's gone." — Fleetwood Mac, 
likes: skiing, my family, Springsteen, music, 
blonde hair, cute girls, winter, my mother's 
cooking, snow, too many, freedom, food, vege- 
tables, golf, mountains, good sleazing, New 
Hampshire, remember whens, spirits in the 
night, B.C., "Eagle" rock, P.T., the "B" show, 
humour, small but great parties, poker, my 
basement, craziness, Python, heavy peeping, 
usually seen with: Chris S., Dools, John (Miller- 
man), Thane, Chris C, Juice, Steve, Joe, noted 
for: parties, being un poco loco, rising moons, 
favorite expression: "How's your beef?", 
"Whuh?", ambition: to live in perpetual bends, 
remembers most: Stowe, Bends, crazed, winter 
'76 '77, March-April '77, cause we've ended as 
lovers, the "Cookie" Jar, Night before SAT's, 
the blackout, the 1st benda, moon river, FYES, 
just about every weekend during the past 2 
years, wants to forget most: Scituate girls, A 
lawn on Joy PI., gymnastics with a Celica, activi- 
ties: Crew 3, 4 (co-capt ). Soccer 2 ■ 4, Golf 1 - 
4, Basketball 1 




"Don't stop thinking about tomorrow. Don't 
stop, it'll soon be there. It'll be better than 
before — yesterday's gone . . . yesterday's 
gone." — Fleetwood Mac, likes: potato salad, 
roller coasters, A.E., skiing, weekends, camp 
ing, sleeping, getting mail, Boston, summer, 
football, snowstorms, dislikes: soggy cereal, 
getting grounded, liver, first impressions, not 
getting my point across, mushy talks, noted for: 
facial expressions, coordination of the eyebrow, 
remembers most: "That Saturday Night," night 
on Shelanne's boat, Louow, Lemonade Streak, 
Cranberry Point, Donut Dates, 8th grade tracks, 
Binky, "Euhhh!", Firecracker Night, Julie's 
boat, "On the bus," Fat Day at Beach, L. Wain 
wright III, Where's my fuzzy?, 10/8/76, sum 
mer '77, R.L.I., Gatepost, wants to forget most: 
Ape stories, speed trap, T. Sunrises with differ 
ent shades of pink, J.D.'s party, Homecoming 
'75, pet peeve: raking leaves, worst horror 
show: slamming someone's finger in the car 

"Kris Kid-d-d" 

"I do not fear tomorrow because I have seen 
yesterday and I love today.", likes: my family, 
skiing. Cape Cod, N.H., long long walks, mov- 
ies, parties at O'Rourkes, music, victory 
parades, remember whens, getting letters, 
stuffed animals, frozen yogurt, art, puppies, 
tans, picnics, reunions, sailing, riding, drive- 
ins, clothes, surprising friends, Bass River, 
good times with good friends, Norman Rock- 
well's art, dislikes: getting caught, sun burns, 
people cracking their gum, fighting, being put 
on the spot, hurting others, hypocrites, being 
embarrassed, deception, Monday mornings, SS 
and a phone call, remembers most: chemistry. 
Coop dancing, crossing N.H. border in % hour, 
B.B., hardware store, 5/19/77, 6/3/77, bus 
ride home from Waterville, Maura's entrance. 
Blue Hills, tryouts. Crystal's party, the chase, 
college weekend, skiing New Year's Eve, Mid- 
dleboro '76 cheering, wants to forget most: 
repairing T and J's residence, losing the laun- 
dry, driving sidewalk, purchasing wine, SAS, 
blue lights in Hull, 1 7 stitches, activities: Cheer- 
ing 2 4, Rousers 2 - 4, High Times 4, Varsity 
Club 3, Yearbook 4 



"When was the last time you looked up, instead 
of down?" — Satch, Ohio Players, likes: family, 
friends, E.L.P., riding shotgun, Diamond Jim, 
Chris, Tuborg Gold, good music, golf, week- 
ends, dislikes: school lunches. Gullies, Ware- 
ham and Duxbury, demerits, communists, Eng- 
lish, usually seen with: my close friends, noted 
for: raving, favorite expression: "Let's go on a 
C.H.", ambition: to ride in the front seat to an 
away golf match, secret desire: to become rich 
and famous, remembers most: dinghies in the 
harbor, night after "Star Wars," Providence- 
town at 1:30, cruising on the weekends, wants 
to forget most: certain nights with S.C., 7 '4/77, 
favorite hangout: The Greenhouses, 20 years 
from now: President of the United States, worst 
horror show: leaving D.S.'s house at 6:00 AM 
from the Cape, activities: Golf 2 - 4 



'It's not the size of the boat; it's the ocean and 
the 'gator loose in it." Likes: Playing basketball, 
hanging out with Rich, Brian, Tyrone, Dr. J, sec- 
ond period men's room, photography, hanging 
ten with Moose, partying in the art room with 
Carla and Brian; Dislikes: Polishing the Cadillac. 

"Zot," "Zots" 

"Your life is only as good as you make it." 
Likes: Being alive, Cohasset, music, being 
alone, helping others, doing nothing, photogra 
phy, individualism, certain people, computers, 
summer, acting, taking trips, driving around, 
Dislikes: Certain teachers, gym, saying "no," 
Hugo's, first period classes, short lunch period, 
phoneys, cleaning my room, getting up early, 
Mass Media, winter, waiting, missing the bus, 
schedules, homework; Favorite expression: "Do 
I have to? "; Remembers most: Moving to 
Cohasset, breaking my arm, weighing 200 lbs., 
getting my license, 3/15/76, 9/17/77, 10/76 
retreat, summer afternoons, '75 Bosox, 9/3/ 
76; Wants to forget most: First ticket, 3/ 1 5/76, 
certain teachers, sophomore year, my car being 
demolished, working at Hugo's, 9/3/76, get 
ting stuck in the middle of the ocean; Cause of 
death: Eating a full course meal at Hugo's; 20 
years from now: Thinking about 20 years 
before; Worst horror show: Looking in the mir 
ror every morning; Activities: A V 1, 2; Band 1 • 
4; Stage Crew 1 4, High Times 4; Computer 
Programming 4, Drama Workshop 4; Yearbook 



"Sanity is never free." — L. Smith; Likes: Look- 
ing out for number one, catching the rave, 
Latin, running, seniority, #11, Fridays, Ama- 
zons (in small numbers), a bigger H; Dislikes: 
Being wrong, losing, cliches, rumors, and peo- 
ple who wait forever; Usually seen with: Levi's 
on; Noted for: Puns, questionable sense of 
speed; Favorite expression: "So it goes."; 
Remembers most: S.A. for Elsie, Ode to Little T, 
two-year drought, summer play meetings, track 
league championship, first 1st (9/27/77), the 
H bomb crusade, 12/16/77, Charlie Brown; 
Wants to forget most: Middleboro, Junior year, 
pen cap chokeathon, the "Zobel" song, yellow 
mopeds, Sir Edward, "Where's the pizza?"; 
Cause of death: Fizziks; Pet peeve: Hot cereal; 
Activities: Baseball 1 ; Cross Country 3, 4; Track 
3, 4; Drama Workshop 1 - 4; High Times 3, 4; 
NHS 3, 4; Yearbook 4 







CLASS OF 1979 CLASS OF 1 980 CLASS OF 1 981 

Treasurer: BARBARA TAYLOR Treasurer: DISA PRATT Treasurer: PAT DUFFY 

Row 1: B. Baird, M. Burke, L. Carroll, B. Curelli. Row 2: P. Chapman, C. 
Colocousis, P. Cook, G. Cahill, C. Carey, P. Curley, D. Davis. 

Row 1: E. Donnelly, A. Dickson, R. Florescu, R. Durant. Row 2: M. Ferris, E. Figuerido, 
K. Diab, L. Evans. Row 3: B. Duncan, C. Dillon, B. Donahue, B. Ditmar. 


Row 1: D. Gunville, R. Hobson, P. Farren. Row 2: R. Infusino, B. Gwinn, S. Fox, R. 
Goff, J. Howley, J. Golino. 


OF 1979 

Row 1: L. Jones, C. Latson, D. Maloney, M. Lagrotteria, C. Kelley, L. LaBreque, J. 
Kennedy, V. Langford. Row 2: S. Muir, C. MacKenzie, B. Keane, T. Infusino, J. 

Row 1 : R. Sargent, G. Ripley, D. O'Neill, S. Pottenger, K. O'Connor, A. Ross. Row 2: 
M. Palimeri, M. Salerno, M. Meallo, S. Jancsics, B. O'Brien, P. Rice, D. Prendergast, 
P. Plante. 

Row 1 : S. Sladen, K. Stanford, J. Vivian. Row 2: J. Vanderlugt, D. Souther, B. 
Taylor, M. White, L. Trettis. Row 3: J. Turner, C. Wilmoth, S. Quilty, L. Whelan, R. 

Row 1 : E. Bear, J. Ayer, L. Carroll, L. Curley, J. Hubbard, H. Carroll, V. Fox. Row 2: M. 
Fink, K. Cahill, S. Abbruzzese, K. Casey, A. Brown, K. Palimeri. 

Row 1: R. Caruso, J. England, M. Fasciano, C. Conway, D. DiNardo, A. Brown, P. 
Drago. Row 2: H. Fairchild, S. Dalrymple, M. Faney, M. Fink, N. Gjestby, S. 
Buckley, C. Hanlon, D. Dillon, M. Howley, S. Daniels, H. Chase, P. Drago, C. 

Row 1: D. Turner, Y. Zotos, J. O'Brien, S. Young, L. Whitlow, M. Miller. Row 2: J. J 
Vida, M. Patrolia, R. White, R. Young, Y. Porter. Row 3: C. Williams, S. McKinnon, 
R. Townsend, M. Thornton, D. Zobel, P. Tye, S. Wong. Row 4: A. Yarde, W. Taylor, 
J. McCarthy, P. Stockbridge, L. Wright, S. White, J. Thayer, T. Young. 

OF 1980 

Row 1: W. O'Neill, K. Palimeri, P. Gallagher, E. Hanlon, E. O'Brien, L. O'Toole, A. 
Mullen, B. McClay. Row 2: S. Murphy, S. Muir, D. McCarthy, L. O'Toole, L. Carroll, H. 
Chase, C. Conway, L. O'Connor, A. Parziale, E. McCarthy. 

Row 1: A. Gurnis, A. Brown, M. Fink, B. Duffy, C. Golden, B. Gunville, D. Jancsics, 
M. Frugoli, A. Gilman, D. Curelli, M. Kearney, J. Frates. Row 2: L. Curley, V. Fox, A. 
Ferreira, B. Healy, P. Coletta, C. Figuerido, K. Cahill, M. Goff, P. Gallagher, M. 
Brown, S. Benboe, T. McMahon, E. Bear, B. Goyette, S. Baden. 

Row 1: C. Grant, T. Fiori, L. Durkin, K. Ferreria, E. Goggin, P. Dormitzer, D. 
Duncombe. Row 2: S. Goodwin, S. Goodwin, S. Garvy, A. Featherston, D. 
Duffy, L. Gilmore, M. Glasfeld, M. Froio. 

Row 1: M. Buckley, K. Bursk, K. Andrews, T. Allen. Row 2: B. 
Blossom, J. Antoine, S. Ayer, C. Bliss. Row 3: H. Brown, C. 
Bonnar, C. Beamon, B. Birman. Row 4: H. Brown, M. Bulger. 


Row 1: P. Johnson, D. Igo, B. Gurnis, L. Hulien, B. Hobson. Row 2: A. Hob- 
son, B. Henry, C. Halloran, A. Hart, K. Hanlon. Row 3: J. Hoy, S. Garvy, S. 
Hurlburt, N. DiNardo, J. Herman, B. Hollis, M. Jones. 

Row 1: D. Landrigan, L. Kurtz, P. Latson, K. Lipsett, A. Kearney, K. Kelley. 
Row 2: S. Garvey, R. Lindsey, B. Kurtz, A. Lewis, T. Libby, J. Livingstone. 


Row 1 : C. Callahan, M. Donahue, B. Cogill, J. Carey. Row 2: L. 
Collins, D. Cossart, S. Cahill. Row 3: J. Donahue, G. DeVito, D. 
Chisolm. Row 5: P. Johnson, N. Cone, K. Bramblett. Row 6: J. 
Carroll, P. Bouknight, T. Diab. 

Row 1: B. McAdams, S. Mastrobuono, B. Lincoln. Row 2: A. Marsh, S. Row 1: J. Robbins, K. Smalzel. Row 2: C. O'Brien, S. Roe- 

McCool, L. Marchesi, M. Neelon, S. O'Donnell, M. O'Brien, R. McMahon. buck, J. Malone, D. McNulty, L. Puis. Row 3: M. Packard, K. 

Row 3: A. Patrolia, R. Osborne, T. O'Brien, J. MacKenzie, T. Langford. Piepenbrink, M. Rattenbury, K. Ross. Row 4: R. O'Brien, A. 

Shooshan, J. Sestito, G. Salerno, T. Ramsay. Row 5: K. Patro- 
lia, B. Mack, G. Raffa, B. Howorth. 



Row 1: S. Giles, K. Howley, S. Froio, E. Gruber, H. Grant. Row 2: M. Hannon, 
J. Govette, L. Hines, B. Farren, D. Gunville, K. Harris, L. Howard, R. 
Harrington, K. Goff . 

Row 1: B. Kennedy, R. Legrow, M. Mahoney. Row 2: J. McNeill, K. Hoy, P. 
Johnson, S. McAdams. Row 3: B. MacDonald, L. Kean, G. Lucas. Row 4: D. 
Lahive, D. Infusino, B. McAuliffe, E. Looby, C. Karcher, M. McCloskey. 

Row 1 : A. Abbruzzese, M. Barcomb, A. Bear, J. Benbow, J. Becker, S. 
Arnold, T. Atkinson, M. Birmann. Row 2: S. Bowen, C. Barrett, C. Birmann, 
S. Bishop, S. Bird. Row 3: S. Barrett, E. Bowditch, C. Adams, A. Beale, S. 
Barrow, D. Andrews, T. Bila, K. Anslie. 

Row 1 : R. DeCosta, B. Douglas, S. Fairchild, S. Featherston, M. DiNardo. 
Row 2: A. DeGiacomo, R. Donahue, S. D'Onofrio, M. Ellis, J. Ditmar, K. 
Dooley, B. Duncombe, J. Durant, S. Curran, D. Consalves. Row 3: M. 
Durant, D. Featherston, P. Donovan, P. Emanuello, J. Dickson, K. Duncan, 
C. Figueiredo, D. Hellis, G. Gonsalves, T. Esposito, M. Curelli, S. Dalrymple. 


OF 1982 

Row 1: C. O'Toole, A. Plante, K. O'Brien, S. O'Rourke, K. Morre, A. Murphy. 
Row 2: K. Pietrowski, L. Pfaffmann, N. Powers, K. Murphy, A. O'Brien, C. 
Pratt, H. Pratt. Row 3: D. O'Connell, J. T. Price, A. Pottenger, B. O'Connell, 
E. Murphy. 

Row 1 : T. Stanford, G. Ricketts, D. Sargent, C. Raffa, D. Sestito, S. Ripley, 
B. Salvador. Row 2: B. Powers, B. Salvador, J. Replogle, K. Ross, M. Rever, 
D. Reed. Row 3: R. Rosano, T. Ryan, R. Schwartz, M. Shea, L. Sandblom, L. 
Sheppard, K. Salerno, M. Roy. 

Row 1: T. Swain, S. Young, B. Whitlow, J. Smith, R. Tis, T. Sweeney, J. 
Sturdy, T. Young. Row 2: A. Humphrey, A. Tedeschi, E. Zimmer, G. Smith, 
P. Walsh, K. Wurzel, R. Whelan, M. Underhill, B. St. John, M. Taylor, L. 

Row 1 : R. Calabro, K. Crehan, C. Cesario, M. Brown, H. Brown, P. Carlson. 
Row 2: K. Cowan, R. Chatterton, S. Cook, L. Conklin. Row 3: W. Collins, J. 
Chapin, S. Buckley, P. Conlan, K. Collins. 


Row 1 : E. Glasfeld, C. Delaney, A. Clapp, C. Davis. Row 2: 
K. Gruber, E. Glasfeld, T. Finnegan, J. Fox. Row 3: K. 
Clinton, J. Fone, M. Graham, J. Grant. Row 4: R. Evans, D. 
Herbert, D. Fahey, H. Foell. 

Row 1 : K. Ekberg, E. Ciciotte, J. Ditmar, C. Cotter, S. Douglas. Row 2: T. Crough, S. Collins, 
H. Conley, B. Cogill, M. Chatterton. Row 3: B. Driscoll, P. Dormitzer, W. Davenport, S. 


Row 1: T. Hulien, J. Laugelle, K. McGrath, C. Mahoney, A. Lagrotteria, S. 
LaVange. Row 2: P. Madge, R. Lowe, A. Long, C. Mack, J. Maloney, J. 
Morrisey, A. Laue, P. Marsh. 

Row 1: T. Patrolia, B. Mullaney, L. Pierotti, M. O'Donnell, L. Powers, T. 
Pompeo. Row 2: D. Pixley, T. O'Brien, D. Pixley, A. O'Connell, A. O'Brien. 


Row 1 : D. Anderson, C. Brown, K. Breitkreuz, S. Arnold, D. Barrow. Row 2: S. Carmardo, M. 
Brown, D. Bowen, J. Bertoni. Row 3: J. Adams, J. Burke, G. Barressi, P. Broderick, J. Casey. 
Row 4: A. Broeffle, C. Chamberlain, G. Chambers, D. Beamon, M. Buckley. 

OF 1983 

Row 1: S. Kean, K. Kubik, S. LaBrecque, M. Kelley, G. 
Martin. Row 2: P. Igo, J. Giles, V. Keane, A. Houghton, N. 
Kuntz, J. Kuhn. Row 3: B. Kehoe, M. Gunville, S. Hobson, 
P. Faison, E. Koch. Row 4: L. Hoogevine, P. Johnson, J. 
Hoffman, K. Kendrick, S. Holmes, S. Whitney. 

Row 1: D. O'Neill, J. Ryan, S..Seavey, B. Riley, J. Santini, P. Smith. Row 
W. Robbins, P. Oddi, D. Scott, K. Ralff, L. Steele, L. Tehranian, P. Riley. 

Row 1 : P. Weisenf luh, K. Vallas, S. Sargent, P. Winn, F. Zotos, K. Wilken, R. 
Tibbetts. Row 2: S. Whitney, T. Turner, T. Wright, D. Thornton, C. 
Zahnzinger, S. Smalzel, J. Sharpe, C. Zwicker. 


8 2 


4\ / i 









Jk A 



% HI M 




Coach O'Nei 

Captains Price and Zobel 

Returning seniors Chris Cahill, E. T. Price, Thax Tewksbury, and John Zobel, with 
Freshman Stu Cahill, formed the core of the 1 977 team, which got unexpected, but 
welcome support from Chris Colocousis, this year's second runner. The girls, back 
100% from last year, were led by Donna Chisholm and Mary Jo Mahoney. Boys' 
varsity took third place in the league with its best record since 1 969, while the girls 
were second with a 5-1 record. Award winners were: John, Chris, Stuart, Donna,*^ " 
Mary Jo, Leslie Carroll, Erin O'Brien, and Jenny Fox. 

' I "-mm m 



Coach Babaian 
Captains Brown and Sladen 


ft 9 

Coach Walsh 

Captains Ballerinoand McCormick 


The team of nine seniors and seven juniors was unable to finish with a winning 
record, not playing well until the end of the season. The team did show great 
perseverance and tenacity, and each senior will be sorely missed. All-Star Donna 
Brown received the Boosters' and Rotary Club awards, and Shelanne Sladen was the 
team's high scorer. Maureen Dunn played in every position over the course of the 
year. Peggy Fox did an outstanding job in goa 

The varsity's 5-5 record does not accurately reflect the quality of the 1 977 team. The ' 
players went into every game knowing they could win, and often lost to the clock, 
rather than the opponent. Highlighting the season was the outstanding play of 
seniors Tom Ballerino, John Durkin, Ian McCormick, Thane Norris, and Scott 
Sandblom, and juniors Barry Buckley, and Joe Durkin. Especially notable was the 
homecoming win over Abington, and the Thanksgiving humbling of Duxbury to even 
the series score at three. 

Coach Mazza 

Captains MacKenzie and Dillon 

Coach Perrault 

Captains Seavey and Quilty 

Inexperience was the key reason for the varsity's 4-8 record. Only four lettermen 
returned from last year, none of them seniors. The team did finish in fourth place, 
and has an excellent chance to move up in the standings next year with 1 4 players 
( 1 starters) returning. We will be looking to captains Charlie Dillon and Chris 
MacKenzie, as well as leading scorers (and SSL All-Stars) Craig Langford and Jerome 
Turner, to provide leadership for the 1 978 team. 

1 977 brought new faces and new ideas to CHS cheering. Only two seniors, Holly 
Chase and Gayle Seavey, returned to the varsity squad, which this year cheered home 
soccer matches, as well as football games. A freshman squad, captained by Kim 
Ferreira, was also added to the cheering scene. In early December, the varsity 
traveled to Boston to compete in the New England Patriettes' Cheering Tournament. 
It was their first, and they made a fine showing. 



M. Mahoney, J. Kennedy, L. Collins, E. O'Brien, H. Chase, D. Chisholm, W. O'Neill, D. Kowal, A. O'Brien, J. Fox, Coach O'Neil. 



1st row: E. Figueiredo, A. Bellefontaine, K. Stanford, D. Brown, S. Sladen, R. Sargent, C. Stover. 2nd row: D. O'Neill, D. Maloney, A. O'Rourke, L. Whelan, P. 

Fox, L. McCarthy, D. Whitlow, K. Linsley, M. Dunn. 


1st row: K. Lipsett, L. Curley, J. England, S. Abbruzzese, E. McCarthy, L. Carroll, R. Sargent, K. Casey, C. Halloran, H. Fairchild. 2nd row: M. Frugoli, A. Gurnis, 
H. Brown, S. Stover, M. Delaney, L. Whitlow, L. Carroll, Coach Kealey, L. Gilmore, A. Kearney, J. Higgins, L. Thorton, K. Diab, A. Featherston. 






1st row: T. Dooley, M. Fichtner, J. Durkin, C. Salerno, I. McCormick, T. Ballerino, S. sandblom, T. Norris, D. Farwell, M. Caruso, S. Fone. 2nd row: T. Turner, M. 
Thornton, J. Vivian, M. Salerno, J. Farren, J. Roy, S. Keating, B. Buckley, J. Durkin, P. Farren, R. Hobson, B. Roy. 3rd row: Coach Jagout, B. Maynard, M. 
Brown, J. McLean, D. Turner, C. Coe, M. Goff, L. Norris, J. McNeill, B. Duffy, R. Young, S. McKinnon, Coach MacDermoft, Coach Walsh. 


1st row: S. Curran, T. Stanford, S. Ripley, B. Salvador, S. Cesario, M. Donahue, M. Jones, T. Libby, J. McNeill, T. Sweeney, D. Lahive, P. Carlson, K. Dooley, D. 
McKinnon. 2nd row: M. Polito, J. Price, J. Becker, M. Froio, B. Kurtz, S. Bowen, P. Conlan, B. Donahue. 3rd row: B. Howorth, B. Fessler, S. DeCruz, M. Wilkin, 
D. Chapman, S. Ayer, B. Mack, M. Underhill, J. Kelleher, B. Powers, P. Buckley, S. D'Onofrio. 







1st row: J. Keane, M. Rodriguez, C. Martin, C. MacKenzie, J. MacKenzie, C. Dillon, R. Topper, C. Collins, S. Barcomb. 2nd row: A. Roy, R. Florescu, P. Tye, J. 
Howley, T. Higgins, J. Turner, S. Muir, R. Tebbets, T. Piepenbrink, B. Keane, R. White, C. Langford, Coach Mazza. 


1st row: K. Ralff, D. Duncombe, G. Ricketts, B. Duncombe, P. Drago, A. Pottenger, S. Taylor, T. Ramsay, R. O'Brien, S. Young, J. Hannon. 2nd row: R. 
Harrington, M. Packard, J. Leonard, J. MacKenzie, E. Booth, D. Mittman. 3rd row: P. Plante (mgr.), P. Drago, P. Duffy, T. Langford, D. Dillon, B. O'Brien, S. 

Jancsics, J. O'Brien, Coach Mundhenk. 





1st row: H. Chase, G. Seavey, M. Howley, L. O'Toole. 2nd row: E. Hanlon, T. Ross, S. Quilty, C. Goodwin. 


1st row: K. Ferreira, J. Robbins, T. Fiori, D. Igo. 2nd row: S. McCool, Coach Perrault, G. Westerhoff. 



Coach Ahearn 
Captains Brown and Kjer 


Coach MacDermott 
Captains Farwell and Durkin 


Coach Perrault 

Captains Seavey and Chase 


Coach Clute 

Captains Hobson and MacKenzie 


Coach Polardy 

Captains Ripley and Sargent 


New coach John LeVangie encountered problems early in the season. Three con- 
secutive losses prompted him to say, "The outlook is grim, boys." However, as the 
competition descended, the win column ascended. Team leadership came from 
seniors Paul D'Onofrio ("I peaked last year"), Jeff Lincoln ("The voice of experi- 
ence"), Chris Collins ("I contributed from the bench"), Ed Carroll ("I don't care as 
long as I get my points") and Paul Hellar ("I should have quit"). 

The team struggled this year in a league which had much talent. The girls gave 
some of the better teams a battle at the end of the season, but it was not enough to 
change their record of 2-13. With three starters coming back and some promising 
underclassmen moving up, CHS should look forward to better seasons in years to 

The 1978 team finished in second place for the second year in a row. Their record 
of 6-3-3 (9-3-5 overall) earned them an invitation to the State Tournament, and 
was the best since 1968. Outstanding senior performers were Ian McCormick, 
Chris Cowan, Scott Fone, Dan Tilden, Scott Sandblom, Dick Farwell, and John Dur- 
kin. Dick led all league goaltenders by allowing only twenty-four goals in ten 
games. John and his brother Joe formed the core of the offensive threat, combin- 
ing for forty-one total points. 

This year the Hockey cheerleaders had the biggest squad CHS has ever sent to the 
rinks. Co-captained by Mary Howley and Holly O'Chase, they supported the team 
through another great season. The varsity Basketball squad, led by Gale Seavey 
and Sue Quilty, put in a lot of effort, too. Tracy Young captained the J.V. through 
their season. 1 - 

Forget the food, so much for drink; 

When Clute's around, he makes you think 

That wrestling is the only thing 

Which comes between the fall and spring. 

Wrestling is fun, or so they say; 

But when you realize that one day 

You don't like girls, you can't drink beer. 

Blame it on wrestling, it's that time of year. 

Even though the 1978 team was young and seniorless, they took second place in 
the league, and plan to recapture the championship next year. Coach Andrea 
Polardy inspired a great deal of effort from all the gymnasts; the overall scores 
(both team and individual) improved drastically over last year's. The season team 
high this year was 75.4, easily topping the mark of 63 set in 1 977. 



B. O'Brien, J. Howley, C. Collins, J. Turner, P. D'Onofrio, J. Lincoln, Coach LeVangie, E. Carroll, P. Farren, M. Salerno, P. Hellar 


1st row: J. Thayer, T. McMahon, M. Goff, R. Tebbetts, B. Taylor, J. O'Brien. 2nd row: B. Kurtz, B. Duffy, J. McCarthy, J. Sullivan, Coach Hogan 




1st row: D. Christie, L. McCarthy, J. Brown, L. Kjer, R. Townsend. 2nd row: A. O'Rourke, J. Sandblom, C. McNeill, S. Sutherland, D. Maloney, Y. Vest, Coach 


1st row: L. Carroll, Coach Tibbetts, D. Jancsics. 2nd row: C. Stover, S. Buckley, S. Dalrymple, E. McCarthy, J. Rosano, G. Froio, G. Caruso. 







1st row: D. Brown, J. Lyons, J. Kelleher, G. Salerno, T. Libby, B. Lincoln, P. 1st row: D. Chisholm, L. Gilmore, K. Salerno, J. Carroll, T. Walls, K. O'Brien, 

Duffy. 2nd row: K. Goff, J. Muir, R. Smith, T. O'Brien, J. Whelan, J. K. Smalzel. 2nd row: Coach Tewksbury, B. Gurnis, K. Andrews, J. Donahue, 

Williams, G. Raffa, Coach Deakin. H. Clinton, P. Johnson. 



1st row: C. Brown, S. D'Onofrio, J. Price, B. Donahue, D. Tibbetts, T. 1st row: D. Gonsalves, D. Gunville, Coach Brady, B. Farren, J. Ditmar. 2nd 

Stanford. 2nd row: L. Hoogeveen, T. Hulien, P. Broderick, M. Hannon, C. row: K. Wilkin, G. Barresi, K. Ross, L. Hines, K. Howley, S. O'Rourke, S. 

Tebbetts, J. Williams, D. O'Brien, Coach Salvo. Barrett, A. Murphy, L. Sandblom, S. Dalrymple, K. Chatterton, S. McAdams, 

K. Murphy, M. O'Brien, A. O'Brien. 

1 16 


1st row: D. Tilden, I. McCormick, C. Cowan, J. Durkin, D. Farwell, S. Sandblom, S. Fone, J. Durkin. 2nd row: P. Tye (mgr.), T. O'Connell, R. Young, B. Beale, D. 
Dillon, J. Ayer, S. Fox, L. Evans, R. White, M. Brown, J. McNeill, A. Thompson, Coach MacDermott. 


1st row: D. O'Neill, J. Casey, J. McNeill, J. Becker, S. Bowen, B. Hollis, M. Jones, N. Spmzola, P. Conlan, D. Bowen, S. Curran. 2nd row: E. Carlson, B. 
Salvador, A. Pottenger, P. Drago, N. Gjesteby, S. Cahill, S. Ayer, D. O'Connell, B. Howorth, J. Livingston, B. St. John, P. Buckley, Coach Walsh. 



1st row: D. Igo, J. Robbins, H. Chase, G. Seavey. 2nd row: C. Golden, S. Quilty, K. Sawicki, C. Goodwin. 


1st row: L. Carroll, L. Crowley, L. O'Toole, M. Howley. 2nd row: C. Kelley, H. Chase, C. Conway, E. O'Brien. 



1st row: D. Pratt, A. Featherston, S. McCool, K. Scully. 2nd row: A. Abbruzzese, B. Salvador, T. Esposito, D. Ladragan. 















"Although many people tend to separate sports from school, 
experience has shown me that they are very important to 
learning. Over the last four years I have participated in three 
varsity sports: football, hockey, and track. All three mean 
very much to me and have taught me a good deal. I plan to 
continue with athletics in college, for I believe that the les- 
sons learned in sports can never be discovered in a four- 
walled classroom." 

"At CHS, I have participated in varsity Softball, field hockey, 
and basketball. In two of them I was elected co-captain, and 
in junior year I was selected for the SSL All-Star team as 
catcher. Next year I plan to attend college, and play softball 
and field hockey. I feel that continuing with sports in college 
can better prepare one for the future." 






Queen Lisa 


Queen Lisa and King Ian 





First row: H. Chase, L. Chapman, L. Reynolds. Second row: J. Zobel, E. 


First row: D. Zobel, V. Langford, C. Williams, P. Atkinson, A. Mullen. Second 
row: M. Zotos, L. Norris. 


First row: J. Zobel, M. Zotos, C. Collins, V. Langford, M. Ferris, N. Laue. Second row: J. Vivian, L. O'Toole, C. White, L. OToole. 



J. Allen, S. Atkinson, C. Bliss, R. Blossom, C. Bonnar, H. Carroll, S. Daniels, P. Dormitzer, E. Durant, M. Fahey, J. Higgins, E. Hobson, L. 
Hulien, E. Hurtig, D. Jones, L. Kurtz, M. Meallo, L. Norris, C. O'Brien, A. Patrolia, S. Pratt, K. Ralff, L. Reynolds, G. Seavey, S. Sisson, A. 
Shoosan, A. Trask, P. Trask, G. Westerhoff, L. Young, D. Zobel. 


J. Adams, E. Atkinson, T. Atkinson, G. Barresi, C. Barrett, J. Becker, J. Benbow, L. Birmann, M. Birmann, S. Bowen, M. Charlton, S. 
Collins, E. Connlon, T. Crough, T. Finnagan, J. Fone, J. Giles, S. Giles, E. Giles, E. Gruber, K. Gruber, E. Grant, M. Hannon, P. Igo, V. 
Keane, N. Kuntz, J. Malguey, G. Martin, W. McAuliffe, J. Morrissey, A. Murphy, A. O'Brien, A. O'Connell, C. Ralff, D. Reynolds, P. Riley, M. 
Underhill, S. Young. 


First row: K. Sharp, D. McNulty, G. Seavey. Second row: V. Langford, P. Curley, H. Carroll, S. Atkinson, J. Carlson, L. Chapman, S. 

O'Connell, M. Dunn, H. Chase, R. Topper, C. McNeill, S. Barcomb, N. Roberts, K. Linsley. 



Mrs. Burns, A. Yards, C. Sutherland, A. Latson, Y. Vest, B. Perry, G. Harris, 
D. Christie, R. Burrows, C. Latson, C. Wilmoth, P. Wilmoth, J. Thompson, G. 
Turner, D. Gleaves. 

First row: D. Igo, E. Price, K. Anderson, K. Linsley, E. Bear, L. Gilmore. 
Second row: J. Kelleher, J. Zobel, L. O'Toole, D. Gunville, J. Sandblom, E. 
McCarthy, J. Price, J. Porter, B. Baird. 


J. Allen, P. Atkinson, S. Atkinson, B. Baird, B. Birmann, H. Carroll, P. Dormitzer, M. Fahey, D. Gleaves, M. Lagrotteria, A. Mullen, K. 
Neelon, K. Puis, L. Reynolds, L. Ryan, E. Smith, P. Trask, Y. Vest, A. Whitley, C. Williams, J. Yeomans. 


M. Barcomb, A. Bear, T. Bila, A. Broeffle, H. Brown, S. Camardo, G. Chambers, C. Collins, S. Collins, S. Cook, C. Cotter, D. Douglas, D. 
Herbert, S. Hobson, S. Holmes, C. Hoy, A. Humphreys, P. Johnson, E. Kelley, K. Kendrick, E. Koch, D. Kowal, G. Lucas, P. Marsh, K. 
Moore, K. Murphy, M. O'Brien, D. Pixley, L. Powers, N. Powers, C. Pratt, J. Pratt, H. Pratt, K. Ross, M. Roy, J. Sharp, M. Shea, T. Swain, A 
Tedeschi, K. Vallas, P. Weisenfluh, B. Whitlow, S. Young, E. Glasfeld, K. O'Brien, K. Howley. 


C. MacKenzie, D. Hanlon. 


M. Quinlan, M. Zotos, S. Green, and T. Bila. 



C. Dormitzer, C. Williams, C. Collins, E. Smith, P. Dormitzer 

M. Fahy, S. Atkinson, P. Dormitzer, P. Atkinson, S. Pratt, C. Williams, B. Birman, Mr. Marks, L. Reynolds, A. Mullen, 
M. Chase 



PHOTOGRAPHY — Paul D'Onofrio, Nancy Kelleher, Mike Zotos (EDITOR) 

ADVERTISING — Chris Sharp, Chris Collins (EDITOR) 

PRODUCTION — Maureen Dunn, Julie Fessler (EDITOR) 

ART — Maureen Dunn (EDITOR) 

PROOFREADING — Holly Chase, E. T. Price (EDITORS) 

UNDERCLASSMEN — Darilyn O'Neill, Kim O'Connor (EDITORS) 

LAYOUT — Eddy Carroll, Bernadette O'Brien, Kristin Linsley (EDITOR) 


GIRLS SPORTS — Shelanne Sladen (EDITOR) 

SALES — Nick Roberts (EDITOR) 

SENIORS — Kathy Anderson (EDITOR) 
BUSINESS — Linda Chapman (EDITOR) 
CO-EDITORS — Christine McNeill, Eric Smith 



Julie Fessler leaves Chris Kelley her gold jumpsuit and 

John Durkin leaves 5 more Durkins. 
Dan Tilden leaves Steve Fox the first fan on the wall. 
Rick Topper leaves Mr. Ward alone. 
Renee Burrows leaves new and old friends and family. 
Chris Cowan leaves a baby-Watson cheesecake to Mr. Gra- 


Joe Lange leaves but says goodbye. 

Jennifer Dean leaves fruit pies and kugat. 

Dianne Gleaves the computer room to Yvonne Vest. 

Ed Carroll leaves his reverse-slam-dunk to anyone who can 

fit into his sneakers. 
John Zobel leaves Chris Colocousis with everything under 

control, but without a critique. 
Donna Brown leaves her Book of Adventures, under lock and 

key, and a tap to Debbie's class. 
Maurren Dunn leaves Darilynn her sub-machine gun. 
E. T. Price leaves CHS a complimentary case, (of light bulbs) 
Karyl Enos leaves her nickname behind . . . gladly! 
Mike Caruso leaves a tradition of "class." 
Chris Collins leaves Dave Vanian a towel and Sally Siehl a 

room of her own. 
Steve Keating leaves the hockey team. 
Jim Farren leaves with a fro. 

Kathy Neelon leaves her brother all the demerits she 

Kelly Dickson leaves arguing with Mr. Streeter to whoever 

wants to get frustrated. 
Christine McNeill leaves through the new study hall window. 
Arlene Marks leaves Mr. Collins all his lectures on marriage. 
Joanne Nardo leaves Mr. Di all her love. 
Paul D'Onofrio leaves Mr. Collins his very own office. 
Dave McLeod leaves his new student raving to the next lucky 

kid who comes to CHS. 
Jim Porter leaves Jason to the women. 
Steve Bjorkland leaves Cohasset echo chamber for someone 

else to fight with. 
Chuck Hoffman leaves Mr. O'Neil spellbound. 
Cathie Gonsalves leaves Cohasset forever. 
Pamina Caruso leaves Andrew White to the care of another 


Mary Farrell leaves down to a bridge by a fountain where 

rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies. 
Mark Ditmar leaves fifty ways to sleez a demerit to all the 

others behind him. 
Tom Dooley leaves # 12 to Kevin. 
Bob Goyette leaves with his hair grown back. 
Hamilton Thaxter Tewksbury II leaves his bacteria, fetal 

pigs, and fruit flies to any willing biology student. 
Yvonne Vest leaves her seat on the bench to whoever can 

live up to it. 

Donna Buckley leaves unforgettable memories. 
Richard Coletta leaves all his unfinished projects to Bibbles. 
Susan O'Connell leaves wishing luck to the next girl in Latin 

Mimi Kurtz leaves happily. 

Nick Roberts leaves Diamond Jim Franey with nobody to 


Charles L. Stover Jr. leaves the track team ten wins. 
Linda Chapman leaves to recover. 
Holly Chase leaves 1 sister to spoil her image. 
Dick Farwell leaves Mr. O'Neil with Caesar and the rest of 

Peggy Fox leaves Ellen McCarthy motherhood in hope that it 

will be carried on. 
Terri Cone leaves forever. 
Peter Durants leaves 5 more Durants. 

Chris Cahill leaves his running ability to Stew in case he 

wastes his own. 
Kathy Anderson leaves Mom, the only Anderson left at CHS. 
Michael Quinlan leaves a lot of good and bad memories 

including stereotronics. 
Donna Jones leaves with a smile. 
Julie Carlson leaves the baby grand. 
Lisa Kjer leaves nothing. (I'm selfish) 
Jon Hoy leaves with more traffic tickets than demerits. 
Mike Fichtner leaves Warden Ward and the rock. 
Nancy Kelleher leaves with a wondrous grin. 
Mary Settino leaves yelling "Arrrrrt" very loudly. 
Patrick Madigan leaves his driving ability and the "Blue" to 


Michael Londergan leaves a dazzle T-shirt with a matching 

pair of socks and sneakers to ignorant Tommy. 
Dan O'Leary leaves to go on a B.H. 

Thane Norris leaves in search of Spiny, the wonder beagle. 
Gayle Seavey leaves all smiles. 

Dave Schleicher leaves Jennifer Dean a herd of untamed 
Koala Bears. 

Darlene M. Christie leaves the rest of her family The Latsons 
and Williams. 

Kristen Sharp leaves The Purple People eater to Debbie 

Thomas Parziale leaves Mr. Hogan a Life-Time supply of 

tardy notes. 
Tracy Fernald leaves Kugat and fruit pies. 
Sarah Atkinson leaves a rose. 

Bernadette O'Brien leaves wondering how a hot lunch 

Maureen Marchesi leaves 2 gone, two to go. 
Eric Smith leaves Mr. Marks a Bass Section which comes to 

Debbie Whitlow leaves a bottomless glass to anyone who can 

finish it and a spare key to Donna's book. 
Tom Ballerino leaves his driving record for people to admire. 
Sandra MacDonald leaves her sister Barbara her skipping 


Scott Barcomb leaves a pain to rake. 
Bobby Booth leaves for the Midwest. 
Paul Hurtig leaves. 
Philip Brownell leaves gladly 

Renee Ryan leaves the business teachers a great big 

Kristin Linsley leaves the spotlight open. 




13 Elm Street 
400 Gannett Road 

Best Wishes 

Class of 1978 

Cohasset, Massachusetts 
North Seituate, Massachusetts 

Best Wishes 

to the 
Class of 1978 





The Vendome 

1 60 Commonwealth Ave. 



Cushing Plaza 
383 9652 

Natural Haircutting and Distinctive Hair Design 

and Best 
Wishes to 
the Class 
of 1977 

Indeed We 
Are Proud 

of Our 
Schools and 
Their Excellence 

Gateway to Excellence 

Come to the Beautiful World of Two Famous Landmarks 
Side by Side on Picturesque Cohasset Harbor 

At HUGO'S You'll Enjoy At KIMBALL'S You'll Enjoy 

• Breathtaking Decor and Oceanview 

From Every Seat 

• Glowing Fireplaces to Welcome You 

• Watch Cruising Yachts and Hugo's 

Lobster Fleet While Dining 

• Select Your Seafood From Our Indoor 

Ocean Pools 

• Prime Steaks and Chops From Our 

Charcoal Galley 

• Intimate Cocktail Lounges 

• Dancing Nightly 

• Orchestra and Organ Artists 

• Deluxe Rooms With Balconies With 

Ocean and Garden Views 

• Telephone and Color TV in Every Room 

• Shuffle Board and Putting Green 

• Men's and Women's Exercise Rooms 

and Saunas 

• Heated Oversized Swimming Pool 

With a Diving Board 

• Whirlpool and Sun Lamps 

• Game Room 

• Golf and Tennis Available 

• Yachting and Fishing 


Where People Come by Choice 
Not by Chance 


107 Ripley Road 
Cohasset Village 
383 9689 

Mppeds • Sales • Rentals • Repairs 
All Work Guaranteed 

Good Luck Class of 78 



Robert S. Pape 


Cushing Plaza 


"Clothing for the 
Entire Family" 
545- 1 I I I 


Best Wishes, Joanne 
Cushing Plaza 


Route 3A 

Towle Sterling 

Movado, Bulova 
Accutron Watches 

Cushing Plaza, 
383 1755 


Route 3A 

Ice Cream and Fine Foods 


Cushing Plaza 


35 South Main Street 


Best Wishes 


Route 3A Cohasset, Massachusetts 


Datsun • BMW • Ferrari • Alfa Romeo 

Established 1 899 Telephone 383-03 1 6 


Painter and Paperhanger 
1 39 Border St. Cohasset 


Best Wishes 
to the Class of 1978 

48 South Main Street, Cohasset, Massachusetts 

Telephone 383-0541 
383 0516 


Alice M. Mersch 
(617) 696-8888/ 383-1269 


25 High Street 

Milton, Ma. 02187 


1 5 Ledgewood Drive 
Cohasset, Ma. 02025 



Congratulations to the Class of 1 978 
Affordable Antiques for Everyone 

Open Daily 

and Sunday 

Across From 
the Post Office 
Cohasset, Mass. 


Best Wishes to the 
Class of 1978 





1 7 Convenient Offices: Rockland • Rockland Plaza • Bridgewater 
Cohasset • Duxbury • Halifax • Hanover • Hanover Mall 
Hanson • Hingham • Hull • Marshfield • Norwell 
Pembroke ' Plymouth • Scituate • Whitman 
Member FDIC 


General Auto Repairing 
Wrecker Service 

Route 3A 
Cohasset, Mass. 


Best Wishes 
From the 



Good Luck to the Class of 78 


Route 3A Cohasset 


Congratulations to the 1978 Graduates 
From Us Graduates. 

Daniel '64 
Paul '68 

Dale (Magliozzi) 70 
Eileen 71 
Kevin 77 

Michele '68 
Gerard 70 

Lynn (Pape) 70 
Brian 72 
John 77 




Blakeman 76 

Blakeman 77 

Albert 75 Paula 74 

Mark 76 Marina 75 


Road Service 

383 9646 


Specializing in Ignition and Carburetion 
and Complete Automotive Service 
Tire Truing and Balancing 

Wayne H. Robbins 

405 North Main Street 
Cohasset, Massachusetts 

"Clothing for the 
Entire Family" 
545-1 I I I 


Route 3A, Box No. 244 
Cohasset, Mass. 02025 


Lionel A. Street 

James J. Cronin 
545 9299 





rive a 


Save a Lot 

Sales • Service • Parrs 

Autos — Trucks — Used Cars 
Daily Rentals and Leasing 
Complete Body Shop 
RT. 3A Cohasset-Scituate Line 



I 15 Ripley Road 

Mike Abbruzzese 

Cohasset, Mass. 02025 


Compliments of 

Roger Porter 



Cohasset Hingham 



lipley Rd. 

383 9640 



For People 
Who Care 

Cohasset, Mass. 

Best Wishes to 
the Class of 78 


Rt. 3A 


Cushing Plaza 

383 1841 


Donald M. Flocke President 
Brigantine East 
Route 3A, Cohasset, Ma. 

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 
Saturday 9:30 A.M.-5:00 P.M. 
Wednesday 9:30 A.M.- 1 2:00 
Evenings by Appointment 

Compliments of 


Hiking, Camping, Backpacking, 
Freeze Dried Food, Food for Storage, 
Dive Shop, Tennis, and Much More!!! 

166 Cushing Highway, Cohasset 
383-91 16 


A "House-Sold" Word 

5 South Main Street 
Cohasset, Mass. 02025 
383 9496 

/Y^^\ i lupci iy ivia nay cmeni jaici r\enTa IS 1 

rJEtl^P Investments Y^L 

^u-y UEAHO" 

Chrysler Plymouth 
International Harvester 




Route 3A Cohasset, Mass. 02025 
Phone (617) 383 6700 





MA. 02025 
Needlepoint, Crewel and Knitting Yarns 

Air Conditioned 


1 food \^m\T 

1 DRINK J^L} I / 



^ .v 

The 1 704 


Cohasset Village 

The tender, sizzling goodness of our Steaks, and Chops, the Fresh Flavour of 
our Native Seafoods are legend in these parts. 
Open daily year round from noon. 

A favorite stopover for Fine Food and hospitality since the days of the 
Boston- Plymouth Stage Coach. 

Luncheons Served Daily 

Open Daily Noon Till I A.M. 

Member of Carte Blanche Master Charge 

American Express 


Sa les Service 


Shop the Big Lot — A- 1 Used Cars 
Route 3 A 

400 Chief Justice Cushing Highway — 

Our Very Best to 
the Members of the 
Class of 1978 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Murray 

Cushing Plaza 
Cohasset, Mass. 





On the South Shore 
Discriminating People Know 


Philip H. Smith 
Associate Member A.S.I. D. 

8 Depot Court — 383-1451 
Cohasset Village 

Antenna Systems, Towers and 
Structures, RF Components 



I 55 King Street Cohasset, Ma. 02025 

(617)383 1200 TWX (7 1 0) 346 7605 

The Corner 
Light House 

19 Elm St., Cohasset 


Fine selection of lamps & shades Fine gifts for everyone — 
Custome shades — for every occasion 

Lamp and shade repair 

Shade Classes Open Daily 1 0-5 Sunday Noon 5 


Best Wishes 

to the Class of 1978 



Marie and Gene Price 


Rte 3A 

Rte 139 

Good Luck 

Dr. and Mrs. 
Roger A. Pompeo 
and His Staff 

James Brooke Building 
1 2 Parkingway, Cohasset 

Maytag — Amana — Kitchen Aid — Tappan — Kelvinator 


405 Route 3A 
Cohasset, Mass 02025 
383 0576 

Best Wishes 


18 Elm Street Cohasset . 383-6010 
Best Wishes to the Class of 1 978 


Let these Sheratons 
turn your next business trip 
into a Showplace tour 

• Sheraton-Boston 

A deluxe Showplace: lavish 
Tower suites, year round pool, 
eight great restaurants, convenient 
Prudential Center location 

The Sheraton Centre 

TORONTO A Showplace Hotel in a 
Showplace town Two movie 
theatres, spectacular Pinnacle 
Restaurant and lively entertainment. 

• New York Sheraton • 

Elegant restaurants, choice meeting 
rooms Near everything in Midtown 
Manhattan The Coliseum. Fifth Ave- 
nue. Lincoln and Rockefeller Centers 

Philadelphia Sheraton 

In the heart of Penn Center 
business district, near Independence 
Hall and the historic sights. Three 
lounges and four places to dine. 

•,^■111- F f « 

• Sheraton-Dallas • 

Southern hospitality in the Southland 
Center. Texas-size rooms and three 
restaurants including the Stampede 
Room, famous for prime steaks. 

■ ^ V 




'^1 1 

•Four Ambassadors* 

MIAMI A Showplace with only 
suites. And its own manna on 
Biscayne Bay' Gourmet restaurant, 
live entertainment and two pools 

• Sheraton-Houston • 

Twenty-eight stones tail in the 
Lone Star State. Let this showplace 
entertain you with two restaurants 
and a lively lounge. 

•• Sheraton-Park •• 

WASHINGTON D C. Minutes from 
historic sights and office buildings 
Free downtown shuttle. Deluxe 
Wardman Tower conference settings 



r For a reservation at any r 

• Sheraton Showplace. call toll-free. ? 

• 800-325-3535 • 

• Or in Missouri call 800-392-3500 T 
Z Or have your 2 

travel agent call ( f T 

• — ' z 9 

• Sheraton • 

Best Wishes 
to the Class of 78 



(617) 383-6770 

























Mr. and Mrs. James McCarthy 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. D'Onofrio 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Anderson 

Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon F. Sladen 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Morse 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Carlson 

Mr. and Mrs. James. E. Hoy 

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Joyce 

Mr. and Mrs. John Henderson Linsley 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Atkinson 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Madigan 

Mr. Clifford J. Dickson 

Mr. and Mrs. Carol Whitney 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Buckley 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Porter 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. Sandblom 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene K. Price 

Dr. and Mrs. John Zotos 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Collins 

Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Salerno 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Piepenbrink 

Mr. Dennis Walsh 

Mr. and Mrs. William Fox 



Mr. and Mrs. John F. Roy 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Ballerino 

Mr. and Mrs. Duane L. Whitlow 

Mrs. Patricia Sarian 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Perroncello 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Kelleher 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Londergan 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. O'Rourke 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Bramblett 

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Sinopoli 

Mr. and Mrs. William J. O'Connell 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Cowan 

Mrs. Leo S. Kurtz 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglass R. James 

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund P. Lahage 

Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Roberts 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Kjer 

Zobi-wan Kenobi 

Mrs. Patricia Bellefontaine 

Mr. and Mrs. James A. O'Brien Jr. 

Mrs. Elianne M. Wilson 

Mr. E. Rutherford 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wunschel